Monday, July 24, 2017

super quick + creamy cashew milk/creamer...

I feel like I just life hacked guys. Like, the world didn't want us to know about this recipe, but then by some weird series of events, I found the hidden secret. And I can't wait to share it with you!

Tell me I'm not the only one- it's the morning and you're going to make your breakfast smoothie and/or cup of coffee/matcha and low and behold- you're all out of your favorite dairy free milk. No? Just me? I mean it, there are few things worse then trying to groggily make some breakfast and wake up fuel with a demanding toddler, and you're out of your milk. It's like, who can seriously adult until they've adequately woken up with their favorite caffeinated (or decaffeinated) beverage and proper breakfast? Not I.

Friday, July 14, 2017

easy veggie filled paleo meatballs...

Guys! Oh my gosh I have been dying to share this recipe with youuuuuuuu!!!

I wanted to make sure it was just perfect though, so I made sure to cook it a few more times and then even test it on some friends the other night, when we went over for a din din date. Spoiler alert: It Passed.

I kid not when I say that we eat these hidden veggie filled paleo meatballs once a week. NO JOKE. Sometimes I switch it up and use ground chicken, pork or turkey (or a combo of one or the other), but mostly we eat these bad boys with our beloved grass fed beef, served with a side of faux-tatoes (cauliflower mashed up into a paleo friendly, mashed potato substitute) and maybe a small salad. #alltheveggies

I love love love making these because 1. THEY'RE SO EASY!!!!! 2. I can whip them up any night- which is especially great for those days we're running behind dinner-wise OR I just don't feel like cooking. And 3. IT HIDES ALL THE VEGGIES AND LUKE GOBBLES THEM UP! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mom win to the max. Plus to be honest, the veggies give the meatballs a moistness like no other (no dry meatballs here). 

Some tips! You can make these the day of for sure! But you can also make, scoop, and freeze! Then just remove however many you need and bake away (baking time will of course increase). I use a 2 1/4" cookie/ice cream scoop (2 oz scoop) to make my meatballs which makes sure they're uniform in size AND negates the need for me to use my hands! Because we all know, having raw meat hands when your toddler gets an owie or runs into the kitchen "needing you right now" is a terrible mix. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

paleo mixed berry crumble...

Crumble? Crisp? Can someone please tell me what the difference is? #toolazytolookitup

I'm pretty sure this falls under the "crumble" category because I'm assuming it refers to the way the topping sort of crumbles onto the filling? Am I even close? Aggg let me just look it up. BRB...

. . .

AHA! "Crisps" contain oats and "crumbles" do not! So yay, this is definitely a "crumble". But woah was I way off on why. Pays to look it up and figure stuff out. 

Whatever you want to call this, make sure you don't refer to it as a "cobbler", because then you're talking about a fruit filling topped with a sort of biscuit dough. Did I lose you yet? Because I'm like holding on by a thread. Sheesh, so complicated! Let's just call it "fruity goodness", shall we?

Friday, June 23, 2017

cherry + lime kombucha spritzer...

Guys, I think I might have struck gold with this drink. I can't even right now.

Like... CAN'T. EVEN.

This spritzer is so darn good that I literally crave it every single day! And it couldn't be simpler- take like three ingredients, blend it together and in a matter of like, 2 minutes you're taken straight to Flavor Town. Is that term trademarked by Guy Fieri yet? I sure hope not. SORRY GUY!

This is so light, so refreshing and so gooooooood I might cry. Cry happy tears of kombucha and cherry happiness. AGGGG it's literally all of my favorite things in a cup! Cherries (YUM O!!), kombucha ( I LOVE YOU KOMBUCHA. I CAN'T QUIT YOU KOMBUCHA! Oh and also- #guthealth #probiotics and #hashtagsdontworkonblogs) and limes! Because, limes are life. 

Make this nowsies please. Then find me and tell me you made it so we can hug and ugly cry together. And then we'll make more of this and sit and giggle together at how wonderful life is. K? K. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

fudgey paleo brownies...

You know how some days, the only thing that's going to get you through is an entire pan of warm, fudgy brownies? 

You know what I'm talking about- the days where the toddler isn't sleeping well (which means neither are you), he's extra fussy the next day, decides not to nap for a few days, and then your period is coming as well? Yeah...those days.

That was me a few weeks ago. I was surviving off of grumpy toddler kisses and tired snuggles, compliments and encouragement from my sweet husband and like 479 bottles of kombucha a day. 

Oh, and these brownies. Lots and lots of these fudgy, chocolatey, gooey, PALEO (can I get an amen?)  bites of heaven in baked form. 

#mommingsohard (or it it #mommingishard ?)