Wednesday, October 26, 2016

strawberry vanilla bean chia seed jam...

Friends, you have no excuse for not making this jam. 

It's simple. It's healthy. It does't require cooking or any fancy machinery if you so choose (although I chose to use a food processor to make it THAT much faster)! It's made with all the good things and leaves out all the bad. And honestly, it takes about 5 minutes to make! 

Too good to be true? Nope. This jam should be a new staple in your fridge at. all. times. Ya hear?

Oh and if you were wondering (because I just know everyone is sitting on the edge of their hot seats waiting to know whether or not Luke has approved said recipe) it's totally baby approved. Luke LOVED it so much that he literally wouldn't touch HIS FAVORITE YOGURT EVER and only wanted gobs and gobs of this stuff to shovel in his mouth (and smash on his tummy, you get the point).

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

pumpkin spice baby food...

Adults shouldn't have all the fun this PSL season. Errrr PS season? Would it be just "PS"? Because babies don't really need the "L" part of the "PSL" thing. Shoot, we just got really complicated.

Do over? BABIES NEED PUMPKIN SPICED THINGS TOO! Theeeeeeeeeeeere we go. You still on board? Babies need to feel the joy that is pumpkin and spice and all things fall, amiright? They need to know that come September and October, pumpkins take over the world and bring about happiness to all the land. We've already been teaching Luke this truth for two years now. Totally. (What the heck am I talking about? Somebody stop me...)

Here's the thing though- they definitely don't need a bunch of processed yuckies or a butt load of sugar. They just need some good, healthy, wholesome yummies made with love. I mean if I'm honest, we all sort of do. But babies most of all, because babies.

I have always tried to make all of Luke's solid foods, from the get go. Sometimes I can't (#reallife) and brands like Plum Organics and such make in into the diaper bag. Then guilt creeps in and I get real with myself- it's so easy to make him really nutrient dense snacks! I should stop being lazy and get back on track with that one.

We all love this puree! It's easy, FAST as can be to whip up, and really satisfies that "sweet" craving and "PS.....L" need, for us all! PLUS when we need to head out, I put some in our favorite reusable pouches and we're good to go.

Monday, October 10, 2016

pumpkin pie smoothie...

Fall is officially here, which brings about our dear friend- pumpkin spice. 

I, unabashedly, am one of those people. I love me some pumpkin spice. In fact, GIVE ME ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICED THINGS. All of them. I just recently purchased some clove, cinnamon and orange essential oils a week ago JUST so I could add the mixture to our diffuser and make my house smell all pumpkin-y and spicy. YAY!

Unfortunately here in So Cal, we're still feeling the summer heat. For some reason, we receive summer weather far into August, if not September and it lasts us well through October (if not a bit of November! UGH!) Needless to say, we still appreciate a good ice cold beverage. 

If you've been following me for a while, you know I love smoothies. They're one of the fastest, easiest and best ways I can pack a bunch of nutrients into one meal and feed my family. We all enjoy them- even Luke! And again, I can also hide those dreaded vegetables so he's eating them whether he wants to or not :)

We absolutely LOVE this smoothie (even my husband who isn't the biggest fan of pumpkin spice things) and have been having it pretty often. It's got only a few wholesome, good-for-you ingredients, but really packs the autumnal, spice filled punch! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

paleo pumpkin spice pancakes...

We're big pancake fans over here in the Main house. Ok, if I'm completely honest, I'm more of a waffle fan BUT I do love me some pancakes too. Plus, pancakes are a bit easier to make when waffles require preheating a waffle iron and you need to add the perfect amount of batter or else you'll ooze raw batter all down the sides of your iron. Ha! Just me?

We frequently make pancake breakfasts about 2 times a week which my husband is more than joyous about! He legitimately expressed many a sad face when I had to switch to a Paleo diet because he was sure that meant the end of his beloved carby delight. WELL! Not true. You can make fluffy, delicious and completely nutrient dense pancakes with just a few switcher-oos of the old pancake staples. Flour = nut flour, butter = palm shortening, sugar = honey, etc. Plus I packed in some Vitamin A and C dense pumpkin puree for another vegetable hidden, kiddo friendly food. At least mine does. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

copycat "pink drink"...

You guys, it's been HOT here. It was so cool for so long AND THEN WHAM! I'm talking 105 degrees yesterday! AND WE LIVE 5 BLOCKS FROM THE OCEAN! Crazy right? 

So no ovens have been on. I barely have the desire to even switch on a burner. We want absolutely no heat, no flames, no warmth anywhere near our house! Away from us the need for cooking! So what is one to do? Smoothie it up, that's what. Lots and lots of smoothies. And good smoothies at that! Nutritious ones! So good, we forget it's hot outside (and trick the baby into thinking he's having a "popsicle" when we freeze said smoothies, or "ice cream"). When really they're nutrient-dense, power foods! Bwahahaha, take THAT, Luke!

But honestly...go away heat. It's autumn. Bring on sweater weather (ie- unshaven legs and armpits for the next 6 months). Take THAT, Bill!

Here is a much healthier version of SB's "Pink Drink" (you know what I'm talking about, right? That coffee shop...that shall not be named...that also surprisingly makes smoothies...and has made an American-wide obsession with all things PSL and pumpkin following me?), which we had for lunch today! Serves two!!!!

Serves 2 adults (and one little guy)
For printable recipe, click here

Put everything into your blender and blend until smooth!