Wednesday, December 6, 2017

hearty overnight chia pudding...

The days are just getting busier and busier as we get closer to Christmas, it seems. I find myself so wrapped up with getting us all where we need to go, and making sure Luke's still eating appropriately, that my own diet is falling by the wayside. Sometimes breakfast or lunch is a cold leftover half a chicken breast and a tangerine. It's ludicrous! 

Then I remembered we used to LOVE eating overnight oats when I was into doing things like planning ahead 😆 It really helped my husband and I out so much in those super busy mornings! You know, like Sundays when we're all rushing around and I'm trying to get us all fed, dressed, teeth brushed and out of the house an hour after Luke has gotten up, and at church on time! Such a struggle! Having a breakfast that I prepare the night before and let do it's thing in the fridge? GOLD. MAMA GOLD. That morning, it's one less thing I have to worry or even think about. Simply pop open the jar, throw a spoon in and boom- breakfast is served. 


Since going Paleo, I do try and remain as grain free as possible so I've switched out our overnight oats for an almost overnight chia pudding! It's hearty, fills you up thanks to all those healthy fats and proteins from the coconut milk, nuts and seeds, and best part is it's so easy. It definitely needs to be done the night before so that it's got the time it needs to set up properly. But by doing so, you've cleared off one more thing on the morning list and breakfast will be waiting and ready as soon as you're up! (Also great as an on-the-go food!)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

vegan + paleo easy "eggnog"...

I don't know about you, but I love the idea and flavor of eggnog...but have always had a hard time drinking it unless it was diluted because of how thick and rich it was. Sign me up for all the eggnog flavored specialty drinks and candies, but man- it's hard to drink too much of the real thing. 

Just me?

Don't get me wrong- the moment someone pulls out eggnog and asks if anyone would like some, my hand is the first to fly up. But then 4 or 5 sips in and I find myself really struggling with finishing it because it is just so much! I end up having to dilute it with milk or something along those lines to be able to fully enjoy. I'm thinking I'm just an eggnog whimp.

Then, having to go paleo a few years back sort of stopped any eggnog drinking anyway. Sad face. Although, just recently I've found a few homemade paleo friendly eggnog recipes out there using real eggs and coconut milk and boy- that sounds really good! But also sounds pretty rich again. I'm afraid I'll find myself in the same dilemma...still needing to dilute it a bit with some more almond or coconut milk. 🤷 (Also, why am I not allowed to make her dark haired like on my iPhone?!)

I digress...

Well the holidays are upon us and as soon as Thanksgiving was over, I found myself naturally craving all things pepperminty and eggnoggy! Happens every year. Pumpkin spice everrrrrrrrrything until the day Thanksgiving is over. Then it's WHAM!- EGGNOG AND PEPPERMINT ARE LIFE. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

thanksgiving recipe roundup...

Hey friends!

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us fast. Real fast! So I wanted to take a second to round up our favorite Thanksgiving inspired dishes, desserts, drinks, and leftovers(!!!) for you all in case you were looking for a little inspiration still. I know I am!

Some of them are Paleo, some are Gluten free, and some are good ol fashioned butter, sugar, flour babies. I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. So, if you're needing some help, I hope these ideas will come to your rescue and get your Thanksgiving spirits going!

I also thought of titling this, "Let's take a walk down memory lane of the progression of Christina's photography skills" hahaha. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

one pan roasted chicken + veggies with thyme + lemon...

Now that the weather has finally turned into autumnal coolness here in Southern California, we can start using our oven again. You guys- we had a HOT, LATE summer, with one of the hotter heat waves I can remember hitting us right up until the end of October. It was brutal! Most of us here have old homes (walking distance from the beach) with no air conditioning. We never needed it. Sure there were a few days here and there you wished you had one, but a few fans and the windows open, and you survived. Now though, you need one to feel like you can live. Its HOT! Luckily we invested in a portable window guy a few years back when it first started reaching 100+ temps, and man is it a lifesaver. 

That being said, when it gets that hot, stoves and ovens just aren't turning on. AT ALL.

But now the ocean breeze is back, the air is cool and sometimes even crisp, and we're feeling all the fall vibes. That feeling trickles into dinner as well. Soups, stews, hearty rich dishes, and lots of one-pan baked meals are all our jam now. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

hope for the hopeless...

Earlier this year I was talking to a friend and she encouraged me (in more ways than one) to find what makes me unique and showcase that when it comes to blogging and my social media. 

I’ve been pondering that conversation ever since and have been pushing myself to open up, be humbled, be raw, be honest, and most importantly be someone who is an encouragement to this here online community. Not. Easy. 

Life has been pretty hard lately. My husband and I feel like we’re in the trenches of this super crazy hard season. This spiritual super battle. So I fell away. It got harder to blog. Harder to do my beloved Instagram cooking demo stories, hard to really do much other than self protect, damage control and live off of auto pilot.