Monday, September 18, 2017

our thrive market staples...

If you've been following me for some time now, you know I love me some Thrive Market

At first one might think it's just another run of the mill health food something or another, but I kid you not- it's been one of the bigger blessings to our kitchen (and wallets)! Put simply, Thrive Market is an online store that is sort of like if Amazon and Whole Foods had a baby. Basically it's a place where for a small yearly membership fee (like Amazon Prime or Costco) you have a crazy array of natural, clean, healthy foods and home products at your fingertips (like Whole Foods)... but with WAY CHEAPER PRICES! Like, 25-50% off the brands you love, no coupon or code needed. Forever.

There is a minimum you need to get free shipping ($49) but if you add to your cart as you run out of things (think of it like your own grocery list) after a few weeks you will totally meet that minimum. AND they are constantly giving away freebees to orders over $59! Which again, we hit every 2 or so weeks. Then you just place your order online or via their app on your phone (this is what I use and it's SO easy!!) and in a few days it is delivered right to your door step. And And And! Thrive will give you 25% off your first order (and a free 30 day trial)! Sign up here.

They have all of your favorite brands too! Like Primal Chocolate, Primal Kitchen, Artisana, Four Sigmatic and Navitas Organics amongst so many others! All at a really nice discount. And even more discounted? Their own name brand products, which we have tried and also love! It's not just food either. There are bath and body products, baby stuff (like Honest diapers!), home necessities (like sponges or Mrs Meyers cleaners) etc. 

Lots to love. I thought it might be fun and informative to show you guys the absolute 'must haves' my family uses the most, so you can see not only what else they carry but reference and price check (and find out that their prices are giving other companies a run for their money)!

Friday, September 8, 2017

"peanut" dressing...

Man guys, ever since going Paleo a year and a half ago, there are so many things I still find myself missing. Like cheese (sad face), mashed potatoes and peanuts. Oh my goodness did I love peanuts. Well, peanut butter to be exact. I ate that stuff in and on everything. Sweet or savory- didn't matter. Love, love, love peanuts! But as you know, they're a no go for those of us on a paleo diet. Not only that, but I found out after taking a food sensitivity test (different from a food allergy) that peanuts are a pretty big trigger! Yikes! 

A year and some change into my drastic diet change (to further my Hashimoto's healing) and I have found a lot of really yummy substitutions for some of my favorite foods. I'm still working on the cheese thing, but this recipe is such a great mashed potato replacement! I've also found some things create an almost peanut butter like flavor- like sunflower seed butter! Alone, not so much, but when in certain recipes, I can almost pretend it's my beloved peanut butter.

Like this recipe. Man oh man do I love peanut dressing! I'm such a fan of asian flavors in general, but peanut sauce/dressing ranks up there. I loved it on salads and noodles and used as a dip for veggies and proteins (like chicken satay)! One day I thought I'd give it a go with sunflower seed butter and you know what? Totally worked! You've got to try this if you've got a peanut allergy or sensitivity, or can't consume peanuts for whatever reason! So yum!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 ingredient homemade coconut milk...

Boy do I have a fun money saving recipe for you today!

Ok, take a trip with me- close your eyes (well not really because you need to read this!) and imagine we're walking through our local health food store looking to buy some coconut milk. There are so many kinds out there! Canned, cartoned, full fat, low fat, some with stabilizers/gums, some without. What in the world do we do?! How do we choose!?

Well, you don't. I mean if you want to know the store bought answer, it's- full fat, canned coconut milk without anything more than coconut (and water) as the ingredient. Anything more is unnecessary and not as healthy as it could be. But hold on, because all those cans and cartons add up! Pricey stuff! 

Think about it- 1 can of the cheapest coconut milk (without any stabilizers or gums) that I could find, is $1.99 for 13.5 ounces. Ok not so bad. But when you go through it like you would a quart or gallon of milk, because you're paleo or avoiding dairy for whatever reason, that adds up! 

What if I told you, you could make your own coconut milk (just as good for you! without any stabilizers/gums!) just as easily?? And for a lot less money! Plus have fun?! Are you in?

Friday, August 25, 2017

our favorite mashed faux-tatoes...

Two words, friends: Faux Tatoes.

OOOooOooOoOOOOOOooooooooh myyyyyyygooooooooooooodnessssssssssssss! 

When we discovered the amazingness that is, mashed cauliflower...our lives were forever changed.  I'll admit, at first, it sounded quite unappealing to me. In fact, years ago my husband and I both despised the veggie! But let me assure you- it's absolutely the opposite now! We can't get enough of this mashed potato alternative.

I'm going to be honest with you- since going paleo a little over a year ago, I've missed mashed potatoes. Buttery, salty, fluffy mashed potatoes. My husband, who is 50% Norwegian (meaning about 75% of his diet consisted of white starchy potatoey yum yums) misses mashed potatoes even more! So when I saw people making the stuff I was quick to hop on that train. My poor husband...he was a tad slower to join us on the mashed cauliflower train to Delicious-Ville, but rest assured friends, he's there now! We love this side dish and make it once every week or two! 

I've played around a whole bunch with this recipe, adding and subtracting this and that, and think I've finally found a version we just adore. So glad to finally have our very own version of mashed cauliflower (or what we call, faux-tatoes) for you all to enjoy!  

Monday, August 14, 2017

mango + spinach popsicles (toddlers love!)...

Yes, in case you were wondering- that was me trying to photograph these popsicles on the hottest day we've had all summer. Insert rolling eye emoji here. What can you do?

Popsicles! Or "popsibles" as Luke calls them, are pretty much on our daily menu these days. Luke discovered all of a sudden that he loves popsicles, and literally asks me to have one for breakfast as soon as he wakes up, every day. SO instead of fighting the guy, I'd rather stock up our freezer full of yummy, homemade and nutrient dense treats and go ahead and let him have a breakfast popsicle. That's a thing right? Breakfast popsicles? I mean, it's basically (well no, totally is!) a smoothie, just I'm thinking it's a sneaky mom win. Mom wins rock.

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to popsibles for Luke though, bwahahaha. They're made with the best ingredients I can find AND with both whole fruit and veggies! Zing! The best part? Luke literally doesn't even care they're good for him because they friggin taste like ice cream.