Saturday, August 27, 2016

i've been spending way too much free time on the gram...

Hey all!

Yes, yes, I'm still here. Told you I'd be in and out. I guess it's been mostly "out"... forgive me? #momlife

I've been getting more and more into Instagram (like I needed the help in the first place) and loving their new features, LIKE STORIES!!!! AGGGGGG!!! I can't quit the stories. I love making them and watching them. It's my little guilty pleasure at the end of the day. After we put Luke down and the house has been cleaned up, I grab a sweet little snack and my iPad and veg out on the couch for a good 20 minutes "watching my stories" as we call it. Not "my" stories- like the ones I might have made that day, but all the fun and quirky ones my friends and people I follow made! It's like I get to hang out with them! So fun.

Anyway if you're on the Gram, and happen to want to see my face (or things my face is doing, cooking, baking, loving, slurping, seeing, etc), make sure you're following me

Thursday, March 3, 2016

sooooooo, where on earth have you been?!...

Dear, dear, dear friends...

I owe you the BIGGEST, loudest, most hug-filled, apology ever. 

When I got pregnant, I never in a million-trillion years thought that this last year would go the way it did. Yeah, sure, I figured I'd be waist high in dirty diapers and lack of sleep would turn me into a Mombie, but you was so much more.

Friday, May 8, 2015

small batch flourless gluten free chewy chocolate cookies...

Sometimes you need a chewy chocolate cookie like, yesterday. You don't have time to sit there and let butter come to room temperature, don't want to whip out the stand mixer, or heck- even your hand mixer. You just want to throw ingredients into a bowl, mix them together, and make a dang cookie.

These cookies are just that. They're quick, SUPER easy to make, use very little ingredients and ingredients you most likely already have at that. You know, because you rock. 

They're crispy around the edges, super chewy in the center- almost meringue like even. They're very chocolaty and even better with a few semi-sweet chocolate chips added to the mix. They're flourless which means they're also gluten free. Score. Share with your gluten free friends. Or not. Light, fluffy, gooey, quick, yummy and packed full of chocolate? Yes please. Yes. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

gluten free, grain free + dairy free chocolate drizzled honey graham crackers...

Guys, I'm totally having a blastie playing around with grain free and gluten free cooking and baking! No, we Mains don't need to eat this way, but gosh- when it's easy and fun (and yummy), why not incorporate it every so often!? Plus it sort of reminds me of science experiments I used to do in elementary and Jr High school. There's all these "weird" components; you mix them together and create something awesome! 

Like these graham crackers for example. I know what traditionally goes into a graham cracker but when one can't eat those particular ingredients because it could possibly harm their bodies, substitutions need to be made. Flour becomes coconut flour (or in some cases almond flour), sugar or brown sugar becomes honey (mmmm or maple syrup) and so on. I was so intrigued when I read this recipe that I quickly added it to the other 100 tabs in the Against All Grain cookbook.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

guest post // diy hanging jars with the lady jane...

Friends! As you know I'm currently taking some much needed mommy/baby/daddy time after the birth of our little one :) Aggg guys, we're parents!!!! So during this transition into our new season of life, I've invited some of my most beloved and dear blog friends to help me out, in the form of unique and wonderful guest posting! Today, I'm honored to have Sara of The Lady Jane Shop take over. 

Hello Friends!!

Though Christina and I have never had the chance to meet in person, I’ve so enjoyed getting to know her through mutual friends (and SLBS, of course!). It’s a lovely treat to be a guest here. I’m Sara, vintage-enthusiast and tea addict! During the day I work at my little vintage shop, The Lady Jane.  I'm also often on the road hunting down furniture and decor, or doing side projects for the shop blog.

Image: J Ellis Photography

It’s been a long winter here, so I wanted to share with you a sweet and simple DIY to bring some sunshine indoors. For those of you who keep every glass jar and bottle (like me!), this one’s for you!

Below are some hanging jars that I’ve sold at the shop --- there were so many creative ideas customers thought up for these, from drying herbs to hanging water-living clippings. The jars were special order, but it would be so simple to make your own!

Image: J Ellis Photography

  • Recycled glass jars or bottles, rinsed + dried
  • Twine or thin rope
  • Scissors
  • Thick gauge craft wire
  • Small jewelry pliers

1. Wrap a section of wire tightly around the neck of your jar. Using the pliers, create two loops on opposite ends, wide enough for your twine (or thin rope). Twist each loop closed.

2. Loop and tie a sturdy knot of twine in one wire loop. Eyeball desired length of twine and cut.  Loop and tie a second knot in opposite wire loop.

3. Optional: Tie a knot about 8 inches from the neck of your jar. This will help your jar to hang straight.

Depending on the width of your jar, you can create a variety of hanging arrangements.  These would be great party decorations, or simply a pretty bit of glass and greenery for over the kitchen sink. The jars look beautiful hung individually or in a cluster. A few plants that are perfect for growing in water are members of the ivy family and a variety of herbs. Evergreen clippings (cyprus, boxwood, pine) will last for months in water too!  Below are a few pretty arrangements:

Thanks a bunch!  If you’re ever in Harrisonburg, do stop by and say “hello”!!


Thank you so much Sara! This is such a sweet (and easy) diy! I so love it! For more amazing diys and inspirations, please check out The Lady Jane Shop!

Although I'm not around here as much as I'd like to be, you can still stay in touch (and ooooh and ahhhhh with me at HOW CUTE OUR BUNDLE OF JOY IS!!!) via FacebookTwitter and my favorite- Instagram!