Monday, May 22, 2017

tension buster essential oil blend...

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

It's no surprise I'm a BIG lover of my essential oils. If you've been following me for any amount of time on Instagram, you know this well. My husband, on the other hand, was an oil skeptic until I made what we call "Tension Buster". He has suffered from tension and inflammation that collects in his shoulders, neck and base of head for years. If not combatted quickly, it turns into a migraine. This stuff- this Tension Busting combo of oils, really works. He uses it almost every day and now swears by it. 

In fact, he has just recently asked me, "Will you make something I can take to work?" You got it, husband of mine. Anything for your new oil obsession. Bye bye Tylenol, hello all natural pain relief. 

He uses the spray at home and brings the roller bottle to work. He says if he catches it early enough, it completely removes all tension and pain. And he applies as needed throughout the day. Wife win!

Friday, May 12, 2017

mother's day chia parfait...

I received a jar of Bonne Maman preserves and compensation for this post. I was sponsored by Bonne Maman as well as Honest Cooking, but rest assured, all opinions and recipe are my own.

Ahhhh Mother's Day. Mothers. Mamas. Moms. Mommies. Mamacitas. 

This year will be my 3rd Mother's Day and I swear, every year I get more and more excited for it. My first year was so surreal- Luke was maybe 2.5 months old and I hadn't really settled into the new Mama boots yet. It was still a little weird to be called the word and then here came this day where it was all about me being it! For 30 something years prior, each Mother's Day was about showering and loving on MY mom...and now here I was the Mom! 

Then last year I was a little more settled into the new role and extremely excited. I had Mothered this little guy for over a year and I sort of felt like I earned that day! I was ready for it! Shower me! Love on me! Tell me how wonderful of a Mama I am! Hahahaha. Give me all the kisses and hugs and praise (and chocolate doesn't hurt!) Mamas need that, really. We all work so hard all year long to selflessly love, care, protect, and raise our littles- its definitely a well deserved day. 

Dads, you do too. But this is a Mother's Day post ;)

Friday, May 5, 2017

paleo stuffed bell peppers with cashew sour cream...

Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!

Man do I have a yummy (Paleo) recipe for you! STUFFED BELL PEPPERS!!!!! I grew up on stuffed bell peppers as a kid. Ours were always really good, stuffed with meat and rice, drenched in tomato sauce and then literally oozing with cheese. Like, so much cheese. Man those were the days. 

Today things look a bit different. Right now I am unable to eat many (actually almost all) grains, so there goes my beloved rice. I also am completely dairy free (ghee included) which means my favorite part of this whole dish- the melty gooey cheese, is a no go as well. And because I don't always know what's in store bought tomato sauces (like refined sugars amongst other things...) and I don't feel like paying the price for it later, I have to make my own from scratch. Or as scratch as possible. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

diy minimalist soap dispensers...

Ahhhh minimalism. 

Don't we all just love that word? That movement? That everything?

I don't know about you guys, but over here, we're ALL about the minimalist movement. AKA: PURGE ALL THE THINGS AND ONLY KEEP WHAT'S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY/IMPORTANT. Quality over quantity. Less is more. You get the point. 

We started years ago, got lazy, had a baby, acquired 34 zillion baby/toddler toys and looked around one day amazed and bewildered! How did we acquire so much stuff again?? #babies So we started our own little minimalist movement up once more. 

If it's not something we absolutely life or death just cannot live without? See ya. We've gotten rid of dressers, armoires, so much kitchen stuff, clothes beyond belief, blankets and sheets, towels, name it. It's sort of addicting. The more stuff we get rid of, ha wouldn't you believe it, the better our tiny home looks (and the better I feel)!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

organic tomato relish with cilantro + mint...

Guys, help me out please.

How is it Spring already? Like...we're deep into the year! A good chunk is already gone. I seriously can't believe it. Wasn't it just PSL season like, a few weeks ago? Wasn't I just seeing all the cozy, fireplace and wool sock photos of you all with your teas and coffees and oversized sweatshirts with no pants on, in front of said fireplace? I literally just swallowed all my parental responsibilities of Christmas and Luke's second birthday in February. Then I blinked and it's friggin Spring. And Easter is like here yesterday. I'm not ready for another holiday yet. 

Although I will say, the sunshine and slightly warm days that have been peeking through our unusually cold (and RAINY!!!) winter is a welcomed treat. Every time I open the curtains in the morning and it's bright and sunny, Luke and I rejoice because that means we're going to do something really fun outside. 

Spring also means our delicate, juicy, fresh fruits and veggies we all love and adore are slowly waking up from their winter hibernation and getting ready to show themselves something fierce. I am SO stoked for that. The berries! The watermelon! Cherries! Tomatoes! Avocados! All the herbs! MmMmMMmmmm. Man, Spring and Summer bring some tasty delights.

I sort of jumped the gun sliiiiiiiiiightly with this little side we had the other night while on a picnic with friends. What can you do? It will be 1,000,000% better when tomatoes are super in season, BUT IT WAS STILL SO GOOD IN A "OMG'sh" SORT OF WAY right nowsies too. So good in fact, that I made it again and will probably do so until my husband says to knock it the heck off. It's like the perfect little side salad...or a relish for fish or chicken...or scooped up with veggie chips. It's just so versatile and bright and fresh! And the mint and cilantro give it this nice little pep. Yum!

Makes about 2 cups
For printable recipe, click here

  • 1 pint organic cherry tomatoes, washed and halved
  • 2 tablespoons organic fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon organic fresh mint, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon organic fresh chives, chopped
  • 3-4 tablespoons good quality olive oil
  • juice from one fresh organic lime
  • salt and pepper to taste

1. Mix everything in a bowl and allow to sit room temperature for 30 minutes to an hour before serving!