Tuesday, July 31, 2018

win an essential oil travel pouch bundle...

To say I was excited to collaborate with Got Oil Supplies on this post is an understatement! 

I have got so much goodness coming at your eyeballs today that I can hardly contain myself and as I'm writing this I literally want to hit "publish right MEOW!!" From 3 (3!!!) DIY Non-toxic household cleaning recipes you can make so, so easily at home to a FRIGGIN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! You guys are going to want to hang tight to your hats and enjoy the ride.

Guys, if you haven't heard of Got Oil Supplies, let me be the first to properly introduce you. Their description is in their name- they are a great one stop shop for all things essential oil supplies. They've got business tools for your essential oil team, they've got glass containers like rollers and sample vials, they've got diffusers and more! If you've been looking for a company besides Amazon to get your goodies, you might want to give these guys a looksie.

One thing that I love the most about this site is that THEY SELL LABELS! You guys are always asking me where to find cute, decorative labels that aren't boring, on my Instagram! And while there are a lot of places you can find them, Got Oil Supplies' vinyl labels are great! You can choose from Gold or Silver and they come in a pack of 12! I personally swoon over the gold color (which I personally use most) as it looks best on most colored rollers, including their 10mL amber glass rollers! That's what you see above and below. So classy!

As any avid essential oiler will attest to, having your oils wherever you go is a must. I have my collection at home as well as a separate collection of premade rollers I carry with me EVERYWHERE in a little travel pouch. This purple travel pouch holds 10 rollers both 10mL and 5mL in size, has a zipper for easy opening and closing, and fits right into my diaper bag! Fill it with a combo of #momlife and #toddlerlife oils (like my Boss Mom blend and my Owie blend) and you're good to go!

And friends, this next thing I'm about to show you is my second favorite thing they sell. I've found 5mL-10mL spray bottles before, but always made out of plastic! I love having those on hand to make samples for clients or gift sanitizer blends to friends and family (or even for making my favorite non-toxic mouth freshener spray)! But we all know essential oils and plastic don't go well together when ingesting, which is why when I saw Got Oil Supplies' 5mL spray bottles WERE GLASS, I about had a heart attack. I've been looking for this type of thing for so long!

I literally can't even right now. Whether you fill it with owie spray, perfume, mouth freshener, car freshener, or whatever else your mind can dream up, you've GOT to get on these stat. Sold as singles (for $.60/ea) or in packs of 12 with a much better deal!

Want my Mouth Freshener recipe? You can find that here. I would add a few drops less oil to these smaller glass bottles shown above 😬

Ok, now for those recipes I promised. You guys ready to get your DIYing on?

Here's another thing I've found that set these guys apart from some of the other essential oil companies I've found in the past: those mini 4oz glass spray bottles! Many of the shops I've seen only carry 16oz and 8oz, but sometimes you need something a little smaller! These 4oz'ers are perfect for my first DIY: TOILET BOWL SPRAY! Toilet bowls are small, so a few spritzes of this and you're good to go. I don't need to take up excess room in my under sink cabinet with all these huge bottles of my non-toxic essential oil powered cleaners! I love the super fine mist of these spray bottles, especially with the Glass and Window cleaner! No drips!

You're really going to want to try out their Green Cleaning with Essential Oils DIY Kit, makes this process so much easier. It comes with all the recipes shown below plus so many more! Good ones! Plus all the labels you'll need to make each one as well.


What you'll need:

Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle and shake well. Spray inside and outside of toilet bowl and let stand 15 minutes. Then, scrub, flush and wipe clean. Shake well before each use.

Next is a recipe I've been meaning to make for a while! Windex was one of the last things on my list to get rid of and find a non-toxic replacement. And guys, this stuff works! I've used it twice now (once just this morning!)

Recipe from the Green Cleaning with Essential Oils Recipe Sheet

What you'll need:

Combine all ingredients into the spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray on glass surface and wipe clean. 

Recipe from the Green Cleaning with Essential Oils Recipe Sheet

What you'll need:

Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray, scrub, rinse and wipe dry.

Great recipes right? I can't wait for you guys to try them and see the powers non toxic cleaning has with essential oils!

The last thing I want to share with you all is an essential oil purse like no other. I've sort of saved the best for last. Well, the best is the giveaway, WHICH IS last, but you know what I mean!

You guys, there are a whole slew of cute purses on this site, but the Polly Bag has my heart. ITS SO ROOMY and perfect for holding ALL THE OILS and my laptop, iPad and paper materials for classes or one on ones I've been going to. 

With 16 (16!!!) elasticized pouches for holding bottles of oils or rollers, you know you can now carry your top oily needs with you wherever you go. Bundle this bag with that purple travel bag and woah nelly. There's also a zippered pouch in the middle, and two cargo pockets for things like your phone and keys. I love this bag so much! I've been taking it with me to all the meetings.

But Christina, didnt you say there was a giveaway? YES GIRL I DID!

Friends, Got Oil Supplies has generously offered to give one lucky reader this amazing Essential Oil Travel Kit! Included is a sheet of their Mood Collection Vinyl Labels, in gold, 12 gold and amber 10mL rollers, and that purple travel pouch!

To enter, just follow the instructions below! Contest will run for one week and winner will be emailed by me personally at the end of the contest. Winner has 24 hours to email me back and claim their prize. All entries will be checked, so please no lying! Contest is for US residents only. Got Oil Supplies will then mail the prize to the winner. Entrants must be 18 years old or older.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

essential oil supplies | round 2...

Hey friends! As I continue to meet and talk with you guys, my most commonly asked question is STILL where I got a particular essential oil supply! As you know, I already covered some of my favorites in this blog post, but I am so happy to support small businesses in their essential oil supply endeavors as well. I want to share with you all some of my recent faves! Maybe you already know them, maybe not. Either way, you're bound to find something you love and that inspires you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

diy reusable swiffer wet cloths...

We have been using this same recipe for diy swiffer mopping pads (or whatever the heck you call them! Hold on, let me google their real name.... Swiffer Disposable Wet Cloths! There you go!) for a good solid year now. And we LOVE it! Not only is it cost effective (hello, you're only paying for drops of essential oils, a few tablespoons of cleaner and white vinegar!) but it is also 100% natural! It makes making the switch from toxic to non-toxic living in our home a heck of a lot easier.

And this "recipe" couldn't be simpler either. You literally mix a super simple solution up (took me 2 minutes), drop in some old rags (or nice new ones!) and you're good to go. Just make sure you measure the rags before adding. You want them to be big enough to wrap around your Swiffer and stick in the holding holes (haha), but not so big that the rag is dragging and hanging off. Then, after you've used a rag to mop your floor, instead of throwing them away and adding to the abundance of trash in our country already, you ring out, and toss in the wash. I mean. Win central. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

cold protocol for littles...

Friends, this cold and flu season has been pretty brutal for us. What about you guys? Since the beginning of December we have had sickness after sickness! If not my husband, my son. If not him, me. And so on. Sometimes the illnesses even overlapped. That was fun.

So here we are, just ending our third round of my son having yet another head cold. The last two (one in December and one just last month) resulted in ear infections, so honestly, I was pretty worried. I felt like I was pretty prepared each time the cold and congestion hit, but those two other rounds actually left myself feeling like I just didn't quite catch it. So here, during round three in 3 months, I think I've got this figured out. Wouldn't you know, after instilling this new and improved little guy protocol, this bout lasted WAY less and didn't end up in an ear infection like the other two!

Here's our new cold/cough/fever/head congestion protocol for littles (toddlers)!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

diy essential oil face serum...

Facial serums are so personal and really something I never paid very much attention to, until just recently. Call me naive, but I have pretty much had the same skin care routine since I was like...16. Ok, no, maybe more like mid twenties. But still! Your skin changes so much once you reach your 30's- especially your face! 

I'm going to blame it on being a brand new mom when I hit 30- then the next few years being a big fat blur because I've been trying to keep up with that role, #toddlers. I rarely, if at all, had time to stop and think, "how is my skin looking?" Just wasn't ever something that crossed my mind. 

Until a few months ago (maybe the summer of last year?) I had taken a few pictures of myself and Luke and went "OH MYLANTA MY FACE LOOKS SO DULL AND TIRED!" I mean. It was. I WAS! Always tired over here! Hahaha. But it was then that I started researching skin care health, and even more so- the face, and started playing around with a natural, essential oil heavy after shower body oils and face oils. 

Fast forward to now- I've found my favorite. At least for now, a.k.a: being in my almost mid 30's, with normal to oily skin, and having only 0.5 seconds to do much of anything in the lines of self care. This works. And it smells amazing. I look forward to taking a shower at night, and using this on my face afterwards. My own little "you did good today!!! (or maybe I didn't do so good, so here's a treat anyway) reward. It's made to brighten, tighten, and lessen the look of spots or scarring.