Thursday, June 3, 2010

as american as bread pudding...

So now my brain is going a hundred and fifty miles an hour. I think once you start the engine to the creative side of your brain, like a fast and high powered vehicle, it takes off and doesn't want to stop!

I wanted to take a little turn, step away from cupcakes for a second, and venture into the many many other beautiful (and equally delicious) desserts out there. So far the things I have created and photographed have been so modern...I wanted to try for something a little more rustic.

Bread pudding happens to be one of my favorite things to bake. Like a cupcake, it is a sort of blank canvas- only your imagination stops the different flavor combinations. I particularly love making bread pudding because I can add or subtract from the sugar and/or fat content, as well as add in other nutritious elements like flax (fiber), dried fruit, nuts, etc.

I decided to take a little from both sides of the spectrum, combining a nice sugary, fatty component with the usage of whole eggs, whole milk, and chocolate chips- while also adding some nutrients with the whole wheat flax seed bread and dried cranberries, dried blueberries, raisins and dried cherries. Baking them in little individual serving sizes also adds a bit of flair, I think.

Viola! Chocolate Cherry-Berry Bread Pudding.


  1. YAY! That looks absolutely delish!

  2. Hey I made bread pudding today too! Yours looks great...I'd love to taste it!

  3. Rustic, sweet flavors in these! I loved em! There was a perfect balance of sweet fruit and delicious custard...


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