Friday, June 25, 2010

salted chocolate tini...

When I originally created this cupcake, I took samples out to trusted people to see how they liked it. " can really...taste the salt!" was the common response I got. My husband and I knew that it was pretty salty, but you can't always trust your own taste buds. In this case, we ALL agreed. Back to the baking board.

This was a flavor I was really set on because I wanted my customers to expand their culinary sense and experiment with different flavors and combinations. I always think of that movie, "Ratatouille"- where the one mouse is trying to get his brother to understand culinary flavor combinations by eating things like high quality cheeses and unique mushrooms at the same time. Sparks and fireworks, swirls and lights come on as he introduces new combo after new combo. I love that scene. That's something I'm big on as well- I want you guys to experience that.

So I went back to the kitchen, tweaked a few things and viola! Second time is the charm!

Salt on a dessert?! Oh yeah! Like in a culinary dish, salt brings out ANY flavor- even sweet and most definitely chocolate. Chocolate and Salt are a match made in heaven. Our Salted Chocolate Tinis are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. The chocolate cake is light and moist with the most complex and ultimate chocolate flavor. Topped with creamy, smooth, silky rich chocolate buttercream- and then lightly sprinkled with coarse Hawaiian sea salt to finish- this cupcake is truly divine.

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