Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sweet as cherry pie...

I finally got the free time I needed to get on my "Cherry Project". Having a refrigerator full of fresh Bing Cherries sends a sort of time limit your way, as anything fresh can and will...well...not be fresh at a certain point in time.

I decided to go with Cherry Pie...being June...being summer...being an all American dessert, we all know and love. Here's the thing about this pie though- I had a bag full (and I mean FULL) of these yummy little things...all with pits...all laughing at me when I needed 2lbs pitted and halved. That being said- and done, the next step I laughed at myself for wanting to attempt was a home-made pie dough. You see, people who love pie become big sticklers for pie crust. It needs to be perfect. I haven't made pie crust of any sort since I was Pastry Chef up at our local private college, Marymount College, in Palos Verdes, Ca....3 years ago!

So I took to the challenge and decided it was time to get my hands dirty (literally) and get to pitting and halving all my lovely cherries and creating the best and flakiest pie crust yet! Oh and did I mention in a professional kitchen we use what's called a Robocoupe to pulse and mix your very best dough easily and very efficiently?? Well not here at home! You use what God blessed you with-your hands. :)

This pie came out amazing! Bubbling, oozing, and smelling of cherries and sugar cookies with a hint of lemon and vanilla. It was great. I did egg wash the crust to help in the browning process and also so my dusting of sugar would stick- and give it that sugary snap a good crust has.

So here is my Fresh Cherry Pie!


  1. LOVE!!!!! The new logo looks awesome, good job bill!

  2. This was so perfectly sweet! I usually don't have an affinity for fruit pies but this one was so good. Earthy, flaky crust with a hint of sweetness and juicy cherry filling. Delicious!


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