Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(vanilla)² cupcakes...

Everybody makes a big deal about chocolate for those chocolate lovers out there...but what about those who prefer vanilla? Is there even a such a thing as being a "Vanilla-Lover"?? I think there is...and if not, let's make it something one can be from now on.

Although my heart does sing when chocolate is around, I cannot deny the fact that there is something absolutely perfect about vanilla. There is no flavor out there like it. It is pure, it is spicy and warm, and yet it is so very delicate. Just the smell alone can send someone into total relaxation. Why else would fragrance and candle companies make such scents as "Warm Vanilla Sugar"?

Any culinary person knows, there is nothing like getting your hands on a vanilla bean. Second only to saffron, it is one of the most expensive ingredients you can buy- due to the extensive labor required to grow the vanilla seed pods.

That being said, here's a vanilla cake made from real vanilla beans and homemade vanilla sugar, on top of the use of pure vanilla extract. The cake is moist, light and fluffy, and very delicate- as it should be when working with a flavor like vanilla.

Then it is topped with vanilla bean buttercream, which is airy and speckled throughout with little black dots of vanilla beans. Buttery, moist, and light with subtle flavors of warm is absolutely to die for!

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