Friday, July 9, 2010

tiramisu cupcake...

I'm a big fan of taking desserts well known by all and "cupcaking it". A favorite dessert of mine happens to be Tiramisu (I have another favorite I recently "cupcaked" on the look-out soon for that blog). Creamy mascarpone cheese...sweet and bold espresso soaked ladyfingers...all topped with chocolate...Yes PLEASE!

Cupcaking it wasn't too hard. Take the basic components of a dessert and see where they'd fit in a cupcake. The ladyfingers? That's easy- the cake itself. Mascarpone cream? Let's make that the frosting. And of course, finish the whole thing off with a generous sprinkling of dutch processed cocoa powder.

I soaked each cupcake with sweetened espresso, piped on lightly sweetened mascarpone frosting and then finished with cocoa. Divine!

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  1. SO happy i got my hands on one of these this week: I LOVE THIS CUPCAKE! The frosting is so creamy and flavorful, and the cake is so moist yet airy... Its so delicious i could eat 5 in one sitting! YUM ♥


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