Wednesday, October 27, 2010

chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting...

I recently got a last minute order for a little baby shower cake- fortunately the grandma-to-be was super cool and very "do whatever you'd like". She also added "Your work is beautiful so I trust your instincts..." ;) Way to butter the baker up (no pun intended)!

Grandma wanted a very very simple and small cake (the party was only going to be 8-10 people total) that she could embellish with decorations she had bought that matched their baby shower theme. Perfect. The color palate of the party was chocolate brown, sage green, and ivory (to which I giggled because those were EXACTLY the colors of my wedding- again, how could I turn that down?).

Shown is a 6" Chocolate Cake with cream cheese frosting! Cream cheese was picked because it has the best ivory hue to it, chocolate cake was to be the brown, and I tinted extra frosting a nice gentle sage green color, to tie it all in. To really bring out the brown and show all three colors on the outside of the cake, a semi-sweet chocolate drizzle adorned the sage green piping. They loved it!

To make this yourself, you can find the same chocolate cake recipe here and the cream cheese frosting here!

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