Friday, November 12, 2010

apple pie...

I still have some apples left from our trip to Oak Glen. How exciting!

I couldn't even possibly think I am covering all the fall desserts and holiday pies without having an Apple Pie!

So here is a picture of my scrumptious Apple Pie!! Of course I use fresh, homemade pie crust made to order (from sweet cream butter), the freshest apples, and real vanilla bean sugar in every single Apple Pie. The top crust is brushed with a cream wash and topped with even more vanilla bean sugar to add that touch of sweetness to every bite.

In my filling, I like to let the apples be the star, so I feel "less is more". Cinnamon and spices are added to give that warm palate experience we all know and love, but we tend to use a little less sugar- letting the natural sugars from the apples do most of the work. Before the top crust is added, I topped my apple pie filling with dollops of more sweet cream butter- to create the caramel-like oozing filling we think each apple pie should have. If you love apple gotta make it this way!Oh yeah, and top with vanilla bean ice cream!!

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