Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mmMmm pumpkin cheesecake...

I'm on a pumpkin kick right now. As I should be!

Everyone knows about pumpkin pie and there are so many lovers out there, but how many have tried or can say their favorite thing is pumpkin cheesecake?? Pumpkin and cream cheese very much go hand in hand. They love to be put together and united in a sort of little Thanksgiving/Fall dessert marriage type of thing. Combine that union with a super yummy homemade crust and you're good to go!

Here is my version of Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust. I know the ordinary and most typical thing to do would be a graham cracker crust...but you know, I'm not ordinary. Plus, ginger is one of those spices that (like cream cheese) just screams to be united with pumpkin. This is a 9" cheesecake baked low and slow (I mean slow...say 2 hours and 45 min!) in an absolutely buttery and scrumptious gingersnap crumb crust. This method of baking ensures a perfectly smooth top- no cracks- and moist product! I searched for the BEST gingersnap cookies to use in this crust and are 100% sure I found them! The cheesecake custard is very much that- a custard. I use organic pumpkin, fresh eggs, sweet cream butter, cream cheese and (of course) homemade vanilla bean sugar. Combine that with the right amount of spice and you've got yourself a match made in heaven.

Shown with Pumpkin Spiced Whipped Cream (thanks for the idea, Lindsay!)

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  1. So why is this not in my mouth right now? I'm truly upset. Looks so good!


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