Saturday, November 13, 2010

no sugar added apple pie!!!...

My dad is a diabetic. Growing up in my parent's house, I started to experiment with different sugar substitutes or I would try to create recipes that had no sugar added at all. I found that the best tasting desserts included either natural sugar substitutes (like stevia, honey, brown rice syrup, agave, etc) or used things that had their own natural sweetness in it.

I also found out that those that are diabetic crave pretty much one thing- sugar. Anything and everything sweet is all they want to devour. I wanted to be able to offer my dad sweet treats he could eat when that craving started, so he was less likely to ruin his diet and eat the real thing. Also, being a pie lover (both cherry and apple to be exact), I sort of mastered what ingredients I could and couldn't use in those pies so that craving of his was also quenched.

So that's what inspired this No Sugar Added Apple Pie. Now, I need to say a few disclaimers...this is not a sugar free apple pie. Apples have their own natural sugar, and it would be impossible for me to subtract that. Also, in my pie crust I use all-purpose flour, which if you're diabetic should very much be avoided. Any white starch is no bueno. Other than those few mishaps, my No Sugar Added Apple Pie includes delicious and extremely fresh sweet and tart apples, cinnamon and spices, vanilla, a touch of lemon and of course, sweet cream butter all encased in a yummy no sugar added flaky pie crust ...mmmMmmmm!

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