Sunday, November 21, 2010

rainbow brite inspired cake + cupcakes...

Well! I have been extremely busy this week! BUT I have also been extremely excited- not only about this little cake I did, but also about getting it up here for you all to see! A few months ago I was asked by a family friend to do a Rainbow Brite inspired cake for two little girl's and their combined birthday party. The super cool mom also wanted some regular cupcakes and tinis to go along with it. So fun!! Like I've said before, I'm down with creativity and have found that moms are the best at it!

The order included an 8" round vanilla cake. It was also filled and iced with vanilla buttercream frosting. So good!!! I did a special twist though- sort of tie-dye effect with the cake itself, so when you cut into it- it was all the colors of the rainbow in cake form, layered with white buttercream frosting. Of course I didn't cut into it, but I asked the mom to email me with some pictures of the inside when they cut into it. So hopefully I'll be able to post some soon!

On the outside I wrote in chocolate a nice little birthday greeting for the girls...and then placed our handmade...and do I mean handmade edible Rainbow Brite inspired stars and rainbows around the cake.
You can find the shimmer stars here!
Each rainbow was painstakingly made, by hand, with the lovely help of my wonderful husband. Between the two of us, it took about 3 hours to make 20 rainbows! Haha. It was totally worth it though! Look how cute they are!!!!! I had shopped around looking for edible shimmer dust because I really wanted to give the stars that shine they well deserve. Remembering back to the days of culinary school, I found luster dust just like what I used to use. That stuff is SO much fun. The mom had purchased a "Mini Cupcake Tier" herself, so when we got to the party we were delighted to find a very special place to display our super cute tinis.
Now like I said before, the mom also wanted a variety of cupcakes and tinis to go along side the cake- so she asked me to make regular sized red velvet cupcakes and tinis in both chocolate and vanilla. All three flavors were to be accompanied by vanilla buttercream frosting colored in shades of red, blue, green, and purple. Every detail was planned out by this mom- everything was to be "rainbowed"!
You can find these HERE!
We placed a smaller shimmery star onto each of the tinis to have them go with the cake.
You can find these here!
We then placed a larger shimmery star on to the regular red velvet cupcakes to insure they too went with the cake and the order as a whole. Everything looked so dang neat!

Again, we love creativity- and this mom was no exception. She was fun and fabulous to work with. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. So vibrant! Love these shots and love the final outcome of this one!


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