Thursday, January 20, 2011

i baked it pretty...

I just had to write a little teenie-weenie blog about this. So fun.

If you follow my blog pretty regularly, you'll know I have this little obsession with following other super neat blogs. It's just something I find so fun- a cup of coffee, kitties right by me, my computer on my lap, and some free time to just browse through some favorites and get some inspiration.

One blog I just love is Bake It Pretty. Suggested to me by a good friend, ever since I first hit their page, I've been hooked. They just have some of the CUTEST things you could ever imagine baking or decorating with. I happen to get a lot of my wrappers, sprinkles and flavorings here.

Anyway, they have a section called their Customer Gallery- where you're able to send them pictures of anything sweet that you've created using anything you've bought from their store (and browse around and see what fun things other people have made). I could not NOT do it! So the other day I uploaded just a few little pictures of things I have baked using something that I've purchased from their store. Well, some my pictures were approved and we're up there for all to see!

My "Funfetti" Tinis! If you remember way back to...last year...we wanted to explore some old favorites and sent out a little poll on our Facebook page asking our fans what theirs are. Funfetti was a big suggestion. So, with a little trial and error, we created our own version of the Funfetti cake. Click here to see our post about it!

So that's the latest from us. I just wanted to not only update you on what's been going on- but also maybe show you a super cute and neat place to get your baking goods!! You will now see a new button on our homepage by Bake It Pretty on the bottom right hand side under "Featured On".

OH!! I almost forgot! Remember a little while ago when I said we had some neat news coming up? Well I can now say a little more about what it is! We will be featured in a PHOTO SHOOT along with some awesome cards by the incredibly talented Bill Main! I'm not joking, if you haven't seen his cards yet on Etsy, you have to check them out!!!! Eeeeeek!!! We just sent a nice sized box full of many (and I do mean many) fun Valentine's Day inspired edible decorations to be used on and around desserts for a Valentine's Day photo shoot a VERY talented photographer and videographer will be shooting this weekend. So, please be on the look out for some fun blogs to feature all the news and pictures. Cannot wait!

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