Saturday, January 22, 2011

"milkshake" cupcakes anyone?...

I'm trying to get my head out of the "wintery, warm and cuddly, apple and spice, pumpkin-ie" mindset and more into a spring (or summer even!) inspired way of thinking. It's proving itself to be a toughie! I love Fall...and Winter...and sort of find myself growling a bit and frowning at the thought of Spring coming. Haha. Summer is a bit of a different story though (who doesn't love warm beach days) so I think I'll just by-pass Spring altogether and fly right into Summer! :D

While browsing through my many blogs I frequent, I came across a post I particularly fell in love with and just had to create my own recipe for. Bakerella posted a blog on "Paper Straws" a while back and I thought to myself "HEY!!! I have straws JUST like that!!" I've been working on a "Rootbeer Float" Cupcake...but it's taking a bit more time than I expected. That's what I had purchased these adorable pink and white striped straws for months ago! When I stumbled upon this blog though, I thought doing a milkshake-like cupcake would be just so fun!

It definitely takes some trial and error to get each treat just right. Sometimes I see or think of really neat ideas (the easy part) and just cannot create my own recipe I'm happy with. I'm hoping the Rootbeer Float cupcakes don't fall into this category. Anyway...I'm really happy and extremely excited to have created our my version of a Strawberry (or Vanilla) "Milkshake" Cupcake (or Tini)!!! Wanting to really focus on Valentine's Day inspired desserts, this one is no exception. Who hasn't gone on a sweet date with their love and shared a milkshake...or two?

Using only fresh, organic, perfectly sweet strawberries- these are absolutely moist strawberry (or vanilla) cupcakes! I then topped with homemade chocolate ganache (think upscale chocolate sauce), light and fluffy Sweet Cream Frosting, a maraschino cherry and a neat and super cute striped straw to tie the whole theme together! No artificial coloring or flavoring is used, so I know I am really enjoying only the best. I use real vanilla bean sugar, real vanilla extract, sweet cream butter, and cream which does not include any rBSTs (yuck!). Yes, go ahead and Google what "rBST" is and sigh in relief...we'll wait. :)

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