Thursday, January 27, 2011

strawberry cupcakes...

Continuing with the Valentine's Day theme for a little bit longer, I wanted to make sure I created a delightful and very Strawberry Cupcake!

Besides red velvet and coconut, strawberry is amongst my top three favorite cupcake (or cake) flavors...ever. To be completely honest, I basically love anything "strawberry" now that I think of it.

When I made these Strawberry Cupcakes I made sure to use my own cake recipe, developed and created especially for Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. I use 100% organic strawberries in the batter, along with rBST free milk and eggs, homemade vanilla bean sugar and homemade vanilla extract! There are no preservatives or any artificial colorings here. This cake is so incredibly moist from the natural juices of the real strawberries! I then topped each cupcake with extra light and fluffy strawberry buttercream frosting, which also includes real 100% organic strawberries mixed right in! For Valentine's Day I made these and included a chocolate dipped strawberry on top to tie the whole "strawberry" thing together. 

If you're a strawberry fanatic, like'll just love this!

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