Friday, January 14, 2011

valentine's day cupcakes...

I feel this one needs a little explanation. I consider it a Valentine's Day cupcake because a few years back my husband gave me a Valentine's Day card that had two little fat birds in a cage totally in love, on it. We sort of have a thing for anything with birds :)

Ahhh Valentine's Day....being all about love, what a super fun day to celebrate. At exactly a month away, we couldn't be more excited!!

Since our last post was all about Valentine's Day inspired edible decorations and what we are now selling at our Etsy store, I wanted to take some time to show you them up on cupcakes!

Shown above are some really cute and super fun Valentine's Day themed edible decorations we have topped cupcakes with. If there's something else you want, something we didn't think of- let us know! We are always open for suggestions and love working with your creativity!

OH!! And I just have to share!!! I subscribe to's daily email newsletter they send out everyday. The cutest stuff is featured on those emails. Basically it's fun, unique, creative things the people who work for Etsy find while browsing through the mass sellers they have on their site. I've gotten some of the cutest presents from things they've shown on their newsletter. WELL!!!! Yesterday I signed on my email, saw their newsletter was emailed to me, clicked it- and I WAS FEATURED AS ONE OF THEIR CUTE "Valentine's Day" ITEMS!!! AHHHHHHH!! What a super fun thing to see!!! We are just so thankful! To see the newletter and us featured under "Sweet Tooth" click here!!

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