Saturday, February 19, 2011

baking is hot...

This is going to be the shortest blog I've ever written! I just had to share with all of you though!!!

There is a blog I follow pretty frequently, Baking is Hot...they feature some pretty neat bakers and baking blog writers each day! They have both a website and a blog, so I find myself almost always on there to see the neat things people have baked or eaten- such great inspiration comes from it sometimes. ANYWAY... today...I WAS FEATURED!!!


Our Bacon Truffle Brownies were picked out of thousands of submissions to be featured on their blog and their website! How cool is that!? I just received the email a few minutes ago. YAY!!!

So, hopefully that will bring our little baking blog some much desired attention and get our name out there a bit more!!!

If you've got a second, head over to Baking is Hot's website and blog and check us out!!! Or click here to be taken straight to our post!


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  1. Thanks for the sweet post on us - and thank YOU for sharing your awesome treats!


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