Sunday, February 13, 2011

a heart filled valentine's day photo shoot!!...

I have literally been too excited for words about this blog post. Every day I've been thinking about how I wanted to write and describe everything! I wanted all the details and information to be so perfect and exact, but also so fun and enjoyable to read...sometimes I'd lay in bed imagining exactly what it was I wanted to say. Now, here I am...and seriously just at a loss for words. Figures. :)

So, here it goes...

A few weeks back the amazingly talented (and sweetest woman ever!) Jodi Miller-Baier from Jodi Miller Photography and her photo stylist (who is also extremely talented and just as sweet!!!) Lynn from Sunshowers and Rainshine contacted me asking if I'd want to participate in an upcoming photo shoot they had planned- sort of a retro Valentine's Day. "Bright colors! Hearts and X's and O's and stuff!!"


Of course I said yes!

As we worked out details, I became more and more anxious/nervous/excited/stoked/honored about the whole thing! This "little" photo shoot was actually going to be a big deal! Jodi, of course would be the photographer- if you haven't visited her site, you have to...her stuff is stunning. Lynn, of course would be the stylist- and again I'm not joking...please view her's just gorgeous!!! Not only is she styling the whole shoot but she's also created a few neat pieces herself, shown throughout the pictures! But what I wasn't expecting was:
  1. They also wanted my husband to illustrate Valentine's Day inspired cards for the shoot! He is such a talented illustrator, and has recently taken a huge liking in making greeting cards. They're so quirky, original, sometimes hilarious, sometimes super sweet- please please check out his site and his Etsy shop!!
  2. The phenomenal photographer/cinematographer Josh Gooden was also going to be involved! Eeeeeeep! So while Jodi was photographing this wonderfully neat shoot, he was creating the loveliest video and capturing this love story! Crazy right?!
  3. This one blows my mind...not only are our little edible decorations going to be photographed, video taped, and styled oh so pretty...but our photo shoot is then going to be published on one of the most beautiful wedding sites, Green Wedding Shoes!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm in shock too.
So, grab your cup of tea, sit back, and let's have a little show 'n tell of what we (and our dear friends) have been up to!

Stylist, Felt Hearts, Bow-tie, Hairpiece, "Bee Mine" Sign: Sunshowers & Rainshine
Flowers: Janie from The Bride's Cafe and JMFlora
All Edible Decorations (Large, Medium, Small Hearts, X's and O's, Blue Birds): Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe
Greeting Card: Bill Main Illustration
Cinematographer: Josh Gooden Cinematogrpahy
Dress: Ruche
Suspenders: Urban Outfitters
Also Published On: Green Wedding Shoes
Cupcakes and Macaroons: Kurt Baier

So you've seen the pictures, now watch the video! Josh Gooden made one of the cutest videos ever of this love story! neat.

Now of course, many of the things shown here can be purchased for your next party:
  • Any of the vendors listed above are available for your wedding, shower, engagement session, or anything you'd need special treatment with! :)
  • All of the edible decorations (and more) are listed and can be purchased from our Etsy Shop!!! And yes, we can custom color to whatever your heart desires! Haha, get it? "Heart"..because it's a heart photo shoot....nevermind. We make every single thing to order and they are always hand made!
  • You can purchase any of Bill Main's wonderful greeting cards at his Etsy Shop too!
Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to all the incredibly talented people who got all of their artistic elements together and really created such a sweet (and totally fun) shoot! I'm just so honored and happy to be a part of it!!


  1. YAY!!! Love everything about this shoot!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! :) xoxoxo

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! What a great collaboration! :D


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