Thursday, March 3, 2011

baby elijah's shower cake!...

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Ahhh baby showers! Tis the season? It sure seems so for me! All joking aside I think I figured about 10 of my close friends are either pregnant as we speak or have just delivered a little bundle of joy. Phew!

I do love baby showers though (I am a self proclaimed lover of all showers actually- bridal, engagement, baby...the one's you find in your bathroom...). What's not to love about baby showers though? You are joining others in celebrating birth and helping to support and encourage the mama to be. Plus....there's always cake! ;)

A sweet friend of mine just had her baby shower last weekend. We were discussing how exactly it is we are related and decided to just go with "cousins" because, would make explaining to people a lot easier! In actuality, it is our husbands who are the cousins but being sisters in Christ- we are related as well!

Back to the cake! I was so very honored to be asked to do their baby shower cake- excited, to be exact. I couldn't wait. As we hashed out details, I became even more determined to make this thing rock! The couple (who were having a co-ed shower- cool huh?!) wanted a two-tiered cake: the bottom tier was to be an 8" square and the top was a 6" square. Each tier was made of our popular vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and then was to be covered in ivory fondant and decorated in a way that went with their theme of the party. The mom-to-be wanted stripes along the bottom tier in both chocolate brown and sage green and the top was to have the same colored polka dots. The best part though- the name plaque they wanted on the cake- "Baby Elijah" was to be somewhere. Going along with the cake were 4 dozen of our vanilla and chocolate tinis- both with sage green vanilla buttercream frosting and our handmade edible flowers. Yum! Did I mention there were 70+ people there?

I quickly got to work planning and drawing out exactly how I wanted to structure, make, and decorate this cake. The tinis were no problem at all, so my main focus was the big boy- the cake. I couldn't be happier with how it came out! What do you guys think? I'd love to hear!!

Using the artistic talents of my husband, we created a personalized and very sweet name plaque out of gum paste and royal icing, to be used on the cake the day of the shower. Don't forget- no cookie cutters were used! Each letter was drawn by hand, a stencil was then made, and each letter was cut out! I then added the super cute swiss dots to complete the whole look.

The parents were ecstatic! Seeing the smiles on their faces when they first looked upon the cake made this whole job worth every drop of sweat! I have to be honest, after I was all set up and the guests started coming in and flocking to the cake- a gigantic wave of nervousness swept over me! I don't know why- I was confidant in my cake...but for some reason I still was. Maybe it was the fact that I knew a lot of people were going to want to come and talk to me...and that attention does get to me. Haha. Everyone loved the cake and tinis...and boy is that also so very encouraging. But again, as the hosts were cutting up the cake and passing out slices that same wave came rolling back in! Haha. You should have seen my face- I was beet red. To make matters worse, right in the middle of the parents opening presents, the grandmother-to-be says loudly "Oh! Everyone! Just so you all know before we continue on- the cake you're eating was made by Christina!..Over there!" and to top it off my husband's cousin (who is quite the comedian) starts pointing to where I was sitting- so much attention! I could have melted right out of my skin! Good times :)

So, thank you Mike and Stephanie for trusting in my work and having faith in me! I can't wait for the next!

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