Saturday, March 26, 2011

where have you been?!?

Goodness time flies doesn't it? I feel like I've had all these things I wanted to do this week...and now the week is over. Gosh. Life sure does go by fast!

So I thought since I've been sort of M.I.A. lately, you all deserved some sort of contact and an explanation as to what's been going on and where the heck I've been! Right now there's a few projects I've got up my sleeve that I can't wait to actually sit down and do! Some spring inspired things as well as some down right quirky/silly things. :) I know that doesn't say much but I really want to keep them a surprise. I will say though, they're edible decorations I've been wanting to do for some time! Now...I just have to find the time...

My husband and I took a little weekend get-a-way vacation to Big Bear a few weeks back. Goodness was that fun!! SO fun actually. We never do stuff like that, but always seem to talk about "how fun it would be" if we did...I'm proud of us for actually setting our minds to it and just going! Yes there was snow, yes we played in it, and yes we both got hurt! Haha. Me, a banana sized bruise on my left thigh and him a bunch a bruises and scratches all over his hands. Jeez we're not snow people. :) It was just so nice to get to spend some time together though, sans phones and computers...and reconnect. We went on walks, drove around the lake, ate ate and ate some more, shopped a little, had the in-room fireplace blazing every night, and snuggled in the freezing cold too!

He flew this time!
Although it doesn't look like it, I too am flying down this hill!

We also, after much prayer, talking, and time to really think about what it was we were being called to really do- started a blog together! We both have our own blogs we upkeep consistently, but they're more about our own art. With this specific blog though, we felt led to join together and start a sort of marriage ministry based blog. So, if you'd like you can visit our new blog Our Main Delight and read about marriage, God, food, and art! Don't forget to sign up for emails and become a follower! We'd love to share with you guys on a much more personal level!

Of course there's the Etsy orders I've been keeping up with! Phew! These are just so fun to do. I'm so glad they continue to come in! We just did a really neat one for a little boy's 3rd birthday and forgetful me didn't take pictures of it before shipping out!! This one was just so cute that I was planning on snapping some much better pictures! Yes, I have a phone picture of it, but I'm so bummed to have forgotten to snap some photos to share with you all! It came out just so neat!...Well maybe I'll share the really horrible quality phone picture with you all anyway... :)

We have one more little tiny thing coming up that I'm SUPER excited about...but as of now we aren't able to give any details what so ever... :( BUT believe me, when I can, I will!!!

So that's it! That's where I have been and what's been going on. I promise to keep the blogs coming at a bit more rapid rate...

Until next time, happy weekend and happy baking!!

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