Friday, April 29, 2011

apple blossoms...

My husband and I took a day a few weekends ago to get out of L.A. and spend some much needed time away from the busyness of life. I actually left my phone at home! Eeeek! It was so weird! Every hour or so I would go for my purse to "check" my phone..and would stop half way, "Oh yeah...I don't have it..." I try to do this every so often- have a day or a few days where I can't check my twitter, facebook, and/or email every 30 minutes like I'm so very used to. Do you guys ever do that? I'd love to hear!

I try and do it because it allows some much needed quality time with my husband. A day, or a few days where he's the only one I communicate with is kind of neat. Amazing what you talk about, or what you actually hear when you're not always on your phone. Gosh now I feel like a loser wife! Haha.

One place we find ourselves going back to a few times a year is Oak Glen. We try and go every Fall for their Apple Festival. If you haven't heard about, or been HAVE to check it out! It's an hour and a half from L.A. It's about 5 miles of windy road in the San Bernardino mountains with farm after farm filled with anything and everything apple. We always go for the apple cider, apple cider donuts, and of course...we pick up a bag or two of apples! You'll always find me baking those next few days with all those apples!

Being Spring, not Fall- we still wanted to get out of town for the day and checkout their apple blossoms. Plus any excuse to get our camera out and play around with photos is a good one to us! I have been trying to figure out Photoshop more and more lately...actually becoming quite in love with I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

Funny story about this thing...I saw the hawk and SWORE it was real. I crept up very slowly and quietly so I could get a picture...I was so amazed it let me get so close. Then Bill (my husband) started laughing, " know that's a statue right?!" ....Oh my.

I just thought this was such a neat thing! Right in the middle of a trail we took a little hike on.

Aren't these apple blossoms so pretty?

I don't really know why, but I saw these ants and had to get a close-up of them! They were huge!!!

This photo cracks me up! Classic Bill face...classic Bill cropped photo.

All along the trail were some of the neatest little roads and walk ways. I sort of became obsessed with them...

For some reason we thought this was so funny...

Yes those are my feet...

Now do you see why we like to go here? Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall...this little town is always so beautiful. It's so quiet and calm. We always leave more at peace than when we drove up. Plus...we always try and hit a Chipotle on our way back! YUM!!

What are your plans for the weekend? Get out there guys!!

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  1. Dangit, this was such a fun trip! We need to go back soon!!!


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