Tuesday, April 12, 2011

chocolate ganache cake with raspberry cream filling...

These little cuties are available at our Etsy shop!

I sort of get the same expression or question every time the word "ganache" comes out of my mouth. So let me start off by explaining exactly what it is! Ganache comes from the French cooking and baking techniques and is simply: good quality chocolate and heavy cream. It can either be used as a delicious glaze over cakes, cupcakes, petit fours or what have you OR (like in our case) chilled and used as an even better decadent frosting!!

I love ganache! For two reasons actually...One- it is just so darn good! If you're a choco-holic, like me, you'll love it too! Two- it falls into the category of "Simple is Better". I truly believe the best products come from the simplest ingredients! It's sort of what we bake by. The less "filler" ingredients you have to use, the better. Ganache stays so true to this; with just two honest ingredients, in my opinion it couldn't get much better than this.

So with that being said, I'm happy to show you guys my Chocolate Ganache Cake with Raspberry Cream Filling! I made my normal chocolate cake and then layered with both a homemade chocolate ganache frosting (which uses the best heavy cream and chocolate I could find) and fresh raspberry cream filling! Organic raspberries are pureed, seeded then gently folded into Sweet Cream! Simple. Honest. Delicious. Less is more, when it comes to ingredients used!

So think about it for a second...you slice this cake open exposing layers of chocolate brown, dark chocolate brown, and then dark pink. Each bite introduces your taste buds not only to a variety of flavors, but also textures! You've got the spongie, moist, and lightly chewy cake which combines with the super thick, dense, and very chocolatey ganache frosting...then a contrast in texture and flavor peeks through- slightly sweet, slightly sour, very fluffy and mousse-like raspberry cream. Yum, right?

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