Saturday, April 16, 2011

edible mustaches...

Oh yes, these are available at our Etsy Shop!!

I have been as giddy as a school girl about these things! I couldn't wait do make, take pictures of, and share with you all! HOW FUN!!

I love mustache-inspired things...although I do have to admit...I hate real mustaches! Go figure. Anything with a mustache on it except...well a man's face, I just laugh at and love. Who wouldn't think a walrus, elephant, finger, iPhone, bus, tractor, and now cupcakes would look 100x better with a mustache on it?? So when I was asked to make some cupcakes for very creative and super fun (and very special) teenager for her 15th birthday there was no doubt about it- we were in! I'll be honest, the teenager was a cousin of of course I'd say yes! Ideas started swarming through my head! I needed to get home STAT so I could start drawing all my ideas down on paper! I wonder why I never thought of making edible mustaches before? Oh well...

My cousin wanted a few dozen delicious regular sized cupcakes: Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate + Salted Caramel (blogs to follow!!) all with their own little mustaches. Aren't they just so awesome?!

We had an absolute blast not only making these, but seeing everyone's expression when they took a look at them! "Are those edible??...Really? HAHAHAHAHA!" :) Oh...and we had a blast eating and playing with them as well!!

Birthday Girl!

My amazing husband!

Yes, we couldn't resist playing a little...

To order, take a look at our Etsy page 

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  1. I love it! Especially how the icing looks like the lips and nose of a splendid mustached face. Y'all are super cute!
    xo Patty


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