Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fat birds and red velvet...

Happy Birthday Trader Joe's Store 233!

A year ago my husband was working ridiculous hours trying to make the new store look as awesome as possible before their grand opening in April 2010. Being one of two sign artists they have working there, he was extremely busy! Murals, portraits, wood cut-outs...there was a lot of art work that needed to be done. I have to admit though...the store looks so good.

So, just a few days ago marked this new little store's first official birthday! Well, it's not really little...and it's not really "new"...Trader Joe's has been around for years! You get my drift though.

Of course they asked me to make a red velvet birthday cake to enjoy while the employees took a little time during the day to celebrate their accomplishment. 12" in birthday cake to be more specific. That's a BIG cake! I swear to you, it weighed a ton! Well maybe more like 50lbs! With all the layers of red velvet cake and creamy cream cheese adds up quick! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the whole store stopped for a bit to sing "Happy Birthday", shoppers included! Very neat to be a part of.

We decorated the outside with edible gum paste balloons and added a little "1" in gum paste to show off the store's milestone ;) Hehehe.

We've also been quite busy with some much loved Etsy work. Being spring time we're noticing that our more "spring-ish" decorations have become popular! Buttons, fat birds, flowers, etc...we can't keep up. I was so happy with these few custom orders though, that I just had to share.

Our Fat Birds are quite the item to order. People love them. We do too, although we might be a bit biased. One customer wanted a few dozen of them dressed in pink as well as a few dozen little pink edible flowers. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but I think they look just as good in pink as they do in their lovely blue. What do you think?

Another customer, Miss Bee from our Valentine's Day shoot (who might I add is starting to plan their wedding! Eeeek!) also ordered some Fat Birds, but this time- enlarged! How neat is that!? I never thought to make them bigger. I thought they were kind of cute at their 2" size, but I LOVE them at their nice and big 3" size as well! This extremely lovely couple is having these little friends sit on top of their wedding cupcakes, as their wedding "cake" toppers! Can't wait to see those pictures! Hear me Bee!? I want pictures!!! :D

Just wanted to give you all a little update on some things we've been busy doing! Hope you all had an awesome Easter- remember, He is risen!

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