Saturday, May 28, 2011

a baking themed birthday cake...

I just finished an 8" Red Velvet Cake...with edible baking tools as the decorations for a co-worker of my husband's! How perfect is that?! When I heard I was to create little baking tools I seriously could NOT wait to get started. Let's think about this for one second...we have, well for one- baking related stuff. We all know I love baking stuff. And 2. Miniatures!!! I LOVE miniature stuff!!! I honestly would spend lots of money on items I never needed...if they were miniaturized. Sigh...


Birthdays are always better when baking is involved ;)

Little edible piping bag with pastry tip

Edible miniaturized rolling pin, hand painted with edible food coloring to look like wood.

A "fun" baking apron, complete with pockets and the name "Shaquanda" on it. Customer's request ;)

Little edible chef's hat. Customer's request.

I have these really beautiful measuring spoons from Anthropologie (I LOVE them!) that I use often. So I made little edible measuring spoons to resemble them :)

You can get these little edible cuties at our Etsy shop and use to decorate your very own cake (or cupcakes!!)

This order was just an absolute blast!

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