Friday, May 20, 2011

i'm sorry but I have to brag a little...

Ok ok, I know there's probably a thousand and one reasons why I shouldn't do this...but I just can't help myself.

I have to brag a bit...not only about two very dear friends of ours (ours meaning my husband and I) but also about my husband, Bill Main. I'm just so incredibly happy and proud of all of them!

A few months ago, our sweet friends over at Jodi Miller Photography contacted Bill asking him to create a new look for them. I mean...a brand new look: Logos, icons, backgrounds...the whole nine yards. I was so excited..err...I mean, he was so excited! Truth be told, I couldn't wait for him to get started on this project...I might have been a bit more antsy about it beginning than him! I love both Jodi and Kurt dearly and just adore their sense of style. They're right up my alley and couldn't wait to see things take shape. They are able to capture the most precious and intimate photographs I have ever seen. Not only that, but they're pretty fun to work with too!! We had the extreme privilege of having them take some photos of Bill and I a year ago and we just had the best time! They created an atmosphere that was so relaxing yet really fun. I highly recommend them for your next photo session! They are willing to travel! That being said, I knew this job would be especially fun for my husband. When we had our photo shoot last year Jodi and I kept saying this one phrase throughout the day and so I know Bill knows exactly what we mean when Jodi or I say "you know...Anthropologie-like". :)

So here we are, months later and with the finished product up for all to see. Jodi and Kurt now have a very unique, rustic, organic, sophisticated, vintage, and dare I say "Anthropologie-like" feel to their new look. They're such an amazing photography company and even better bunch of friends. I'm so happy my husband was able to help them capture the look they were going for and really think everything just looks so awesome and really special. I also have to say..I'm just SO proud of Bill. This is by far, his best work yet.

So, if you've got a few minutes PLEASE visit Jodi Miller Photography's Blog and Website and see what they've done with themselves. Looks great, huh??? Good job guys!

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