Friday, May 27, 2011

things I love right now...

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I truly hope it is a happy one for you all. It should be- many of us have a nice welcomed 3-day weekend coming up!

What are your plans for the weekend ahead? Picnics? Barbeques? Dinners with friends and/or family?

My husband and I actually don't have a 3-day weekend, but will totally enjoy our 2-day one! At least we have some days off, right?! I am pretty excited though, our very very special friends from Arizona will be coming into town this weekend! Sunday we're having a little birthday party at our house for their 2 year old son (who happens to be our godson too!) which means our little apartment will be filled with sweet friends and yummy cake!! A chocolate peanut butter cake to be exact ;) Can you guess who's making it?? Can't wait to show some pictures...

Anyway I was browsing through some of my favorite shops on Etsy and had to share with you all some really neat things out there!! It's times like this I wish I had..oh...about $1,000,000 extra to just spend on "whatever"...

How fun is this wooden sign from OldNewAgain??

I'm just completely loving this hair piece by EdensWake! I mean...I seriously might buy it right now...

Neat and very unique rings by ThePolkadotMagpie.

GimCarry has some of the cutest and most fun bags and accessories I've seen in a while. I love this little pouch!

This champagne .33ct diamond ring by DreamsandJewelry is my absolute favorite thing! I think I might need a "new" engagement ring soon... All of her stuff is made from recycled materials in some way. Very eco-friendly!

Super neat bag from cayennepeppybags.

Lastly, a beautiful wedding hair (or date night) accessory by AcuteDesigns!

I hope all of you have a relaxed and fun (and safe!!) weekend!

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