Thursday, May 19, 2011

what I've been up to...

My husband and I just recently got back from vacation. Ahhh vacation! It's always so wonderful to get out of the house and venture somewhere fun and exciting...but boy do I hate the first day back! Not only do I dearly miss our friends we went out to Arizona to see, but today is the first day my husband went back to work....which I am all alone. :( Well, not if you count the two very happy kitties who haven't left my side since we've returned!

Anyway, right before we left I had a few Etsy orders I had to finish up and ship out. I want to share a few of the orders that came out especially cute!

One woman I just have to brag about for a little bit. She's awesome!! Long story short she needed me to make a bunch of fun little edible decorations for some cupcakes she's going to have at her wedding. Every conversation we had from the very beginning was so fun, neat, and just plain wonderful. She was so very fun to work with!! I always get giddy (and a tad nervous) whenever someone orders for their wedding. That's such a big deal! It was a large order so I made sure everything was timed perfectly and would be shipped out promptly before our departure. I can't wait to see wedding pictures and share with you guys (she said she'd send some!!)

Edible Flowers in Lavender and Dark Purple

Tiny Hearts in Red and Bright Green

Of course, Fat Birds

Another noteworthy order was... surprise surprise...edible Hello Kitty inspired heads! A lot of them. I know I say this all the time, but it never ceases to be- these are by far our most popular item! A close second, the Hello Kitty inspired edible bows. Haha! Go figure ;) I've been experimenting a bit with not only more efficient ways of making these, but also more visually appealing. I think these might be the cutest ones yet!

Click here to see our Hello Kitty inspired decorations!

To order, take a look at our Etsy page 

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