Saturday, June 4, 2011

big wheel + peanut butter second birthday...

I'm finally getting around to posting this blog! This last week has been absolutely crazy! I guess that's a good thing...although I have been wanting to get on posting this before too much time had elapsed.

Anyway, last weekend we were so blessed to be able to spend some time with our really good friends (who might I add, live in Arizona! Ack!) for a whole (almost) 24 hours! So fun!! They traveled to California for a competition in Irvine and on their last night here, stayed with us at our house. :D We love company! Especially good company!! Haha. Being their son's (who happens to be our godson) second birthday, we had a tiny little get together/birthday party as well. Poor guys were so tired once they got to our house (a whole weekend of competing!) but were awesome troopers! No party poopers here!

The birthday boy, Owen, had a 6" chocolate cake with our new and improved peanut butter frosting...and a few cupcakes to go along with it. He just adores anything with bikes, motorcycles, tricycles, etc etc so it was only fitting to have an edible big wheel on top of his cake (for later eating!) Since they live in the desert, we also created some edible cacti to sort of tie in the theme we were sort of going for.

Owen is now old enough to blow out his own candles! Quite the task for a 2 year old! He did such a good job too! Very little spit got on the cake, itself! ;) We had to keep lighting the candles through the "Happy Birthday" song due to premature blowing, haha. Look at that proud daddy!

Ahh cake. He finally got his piece and loved it. Mommy's lap and sugary goodness. Life doesn't get much better when you're 2! You know you've done good when kids like what you've made! :)

I'd say it was an all around success. Good dessert, good friends, MANY good laughs, and some pretty cute kids! Happy Saturday everyone!

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