Friday, June 24, 2011

cinnamon roll cupcakes + a cupcake challenge...

Ok hold the phone...

A cinnamon roll cupcake? OH YES!!! I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS!!!

Ideas for new cupcake flavors are always swarming through my head...some good and some...very bad. My husband is in love with cinnamon rolls...let me rephrase that- if a cinnamon roll was a woman...I'd be a goner. Haha. He's probably going to hate me for writing that. But stay it shall!!! Bwahaha!

Anyway! Having a husband with such a love for cinnamon rolls, I'm always being asked by him to either make the actual thing or make a same flavored cupcake. Why it's taken me this long to finally do it, I have no idea.

Here's some funny timing: at his work they were having a cupcake challenge! I was specifically told I, Miss Cupcake Baker, could not participate! BUT my husband could and I could talk him through things as long as I didn't touch a thing! Agony! "I want to do a cinnamon roll cupcake" he said. So I thought to myself, now's the time to try out this idea. He was all in as well. So I started experimenting and created what I thought to be the perfect combination of cupcake meets cinnamon roll. I wanted it to have the look of a cupcake and taste exactly like a cinnamon roll. I had the perfect taste tester too!

I kid and lie not.
We were in awe.

When I thought I had it nailed down it was time for my husband to give it a test and try his own hand at baking...

He was such a great listener! A little nervous at some parts and a little untimely, but he did awesome. As I instructed things like "Ok now add the eggs and sugar and cream until light and fluffy" or "Slowly add the milk mixture alternating with the dry...SLOW DOWN THE MIXER!!" he listened and did appropriately (I didn't even want to touch the mixer, pans, oven etc so we could truly say he did them 100% by himself!). His came out pretty good too I must say...a little funky on the piping (we made an inside joke about his frosting looking like..well never mind actually!) but for the most part a job pretty well done. Dang, now I wish we would have taken photos of his to share! Oh well, next time.

We loved my version and his work loved his! So, I'd say that's a pretty good cupcake when whether I, or someone else, makes the recipe I've created people are IN LOVE!


  1. Do you have the recipe for these? I would love to try them!

    1. Katie! Hi!!! Welcome. You know, this post was so long ago that when I was blogging before I didn't have the intention of letting people into my recipes. haha. I'll have to get out my old dirty piece of paper with scribbles, make this again, and get the recipe up for you all to try. :) Thanks for showing interest!

    2. No worries, I understand! But thank you so much for helping me! Really all I was wanting to know was your filling recipe because that sounds beyond delicious!

    3. It was a simple brown sugar caramel with a little cinnamon and salt :)

    4. How do you make the brown sugar caramel? I've only made regular caramel sauce before so I just want to make sure I do it right. Thanks!


  2. Hi Christina

    My niece is also a big fan of cinnamon rolls. I saw the cinnamon rolls birthday cake that you baked for your hubby and it looked great! Can you share with me your recipe?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I'm still working on refining the recipe actually! But until then you can make a basic white cake, this cream cheese frosting ( and this brown sugar cinnamon caramel (! Use the caramel for the filling, and cover cake in the frosting! Yumm-O!


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