Thursday, June 9, 2011

featured in brides magazine!...

If you're a follower of us on Facebook, you'll probably remember a few months back I said something about having some awesome news to share...but that I couldn't divulge any details...

Well the time has come, I can now share with you all our very exciting news!! Our very dear friends at Jodi Miller Photography submitted some of our neat Valentine's Day photoshoot pictures to the guys over at Brides Magazine and one of them was picked and published!! I love that they chose the picture that included our X's and O's and little Fat Birds- too neat!!!

Picture courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography

I'm pretty stoked about this!! I remember buying this magazine ALL the time during my 14 month wedding engagement (yes, 14 months...long story short, we wanted a fall wedding). I'd flip through the pages, highlighting and tabbing certain pages that were completely inspirational. Now, for this summer's brides WE get to be inspirational! If you're interested in buying those edible decorations for your wedding (or non wedding) cakes or cupcakes, you can click here for the X's and O's...and here for the Fat Birds!

So please please run out and get June's issue and check us out!

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