Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July...

First and foremost let me just apologize for the quality of pictures!


We left the house sans camera and were stuck with our phone's wonderful built in camera. Grrrr...

That being said, I hope you all had an AWESOME 4th of July!!! I know we definitely did! My husband and I decided that since it was such a beautiful day in our little So Cal town, that we'd take a little bike ride to our nearby beach. Every year for this special holiday, the beach becomes filled to the brim with families, friends, music, festivities and FOOD! This year was sort of neat because there were about 10 yummy food trucks surrounding the beach line. I LOVE FOOD TRUCKS!

I must add, we're both really trying to work on that "California Tan"...

If we would have brought our good camera (my fault) you'd be able to see the huge cluster of sail boats out on the water.

My wonderful husband!

Food Trucks!!! I seriously get giddy like a little girl when I know we'll be stopping at one (or 5).

Our little beach was FILLED with people...everywhere!

The one truck I was particularly interested in was this- Chunk-n-Chip. I had read somewhere (totally can't remember now...maybe Twitter?) about this new little fun ice cream sandwich truck and being a lover of ice cream sammies (as Rachel Ray would say) I had to try them out! Yes we know of Cool Haus. Yes we've had theirs. Yes we like them. But I'm always down for trying other's and I love to "sammie critique" with my co-tester- Bill.

Out of a HUGE list of choices, we decided on the "Butter My Velvet" sandwich: red velvet cookies sandwich a scoop of peanut butter ice cream. The cookies are made without any artificial preservatives and all real ingredients and served with locally fresh made ice cream. Can't complain there. They are also trying to be a "green" company:

"We also like to recycle and maximize use of supplies whenever possible so the world is a better, greener place. Our spoons and some paper products are biodegradable and our plastic ice cream tubs are reusable – that’s 100% waste free. Our dedication to local ingredients (whenever possible) further reduces our carbon footprint."

Our census? Yummy but a tinsie bit over priced. I think for what we paid -$4.75- the thing could have been a bit bigger. BUT what we ate was DELICIOUS. Cookie was warm and gooey and the ice cream just plain good. We enjoyed ourselves.

After that we headed back home, packed up again and met the family for an afternoon picnic. Again, lots of fun. :)

How about you guys? What did you do? What yummy treats did you have?
Happy Tuesday!

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