Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*new* keroppi edible decorations...

You can now order from our Etsy store!


I am just SO excited to share this with you all! Like, beyond excited actually!!! The other day I received an order from Etsy for some edible Hello Kitty decorations and some Keroppi ones as well... Not having done any before, the woman wondered if we could do any for her particular party. Of course we can!!! I absolutely love when we receive custom orders, especially when it's something we've never done! It allows for some pretty intense brainstorming and experimentation.

So my husband and I got to playing with gum paste. I knew sort of what I wanted these little cuties to look like...but how exactly would we go about doing that? Trial and error is how. My husband created yet another perfect (and might I add unique) stencil and we got to hand cutting. We tried a few different techniques and ideas and they just plain stunk. "Too flat." "Not very cute." "Woah...not even close!" Then finally, BING! a light went off and we figured it out. They came out exactly how I had envisioned! Hand cut, hand painted, and hand piped- these decorations measure at about 2" across and are perfect for topping cupcakes, tinis or even your favorite cake!

Yeah yeah everyone loves Hello Kitty. But what about her other friends?? When I was in junior high, I loved Spottie Dottie and Keroppi...was never really a fan of Miss Hello Kitty herself. So, it brings me a sort of twisted happiness that we're now moving on to making her other besties come to life (so to speak). Haha. So, Hello Keroppi....I'm glad we meet again!

*Available at our Etsy shop as well as through our email.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous outcome! Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree today!


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