Monday, August 22, 2011

a dear friend's baby shower...

A very very dear friend of mine just recently had her first baby shower. This was SUCH a special occasion for all of us! The couple had been trying for a long time and started to get pretty discouraged. Being a close friend, a few of us were along for the roller coaster of a ride. Sad times were definitely had :( BUT then, like many things..they stopped "trying" and WHAM...she got pregnant. Oh and did I mention all she wanted was to be pregnant with a little girl...and she's having a boy? Isn't life funny that way?

Anyway, we all couldn't be more happy for her and the wonderful daddy-to-be. Seriously.

Back to the shower...I was so honored when I was asked to be the (sort of) photographer for the day! Other than baking, another hobby of mine is photography. I LOVE IT! So, naturally I said "HECK YEAH!" The theme was "Cute As A Button", the color scheme was white, blue and orange and almost every single decoration was made by the new mama (with a little help from of few of us ;)

Ahem....these edible buttons took my friend and I about...oh 49857364 hours to make!!! How long did it take for them to melt in the sun? About one minute....
"Oh it's like a multicolored white chocolate candy bar now! Pretty cool!" some said...To that I replied, "No, no it is not..." HAHAHA.

ALL (and I mean ALL) the cookies were made by the dad-to-be's mom!!! THEY WERE RIDICULOUSLY GOOD...and gone in a matter of minutes.

I had to sneak in one shot of us all :)

THE CAKE!!!!! *drool*

I think it's safe to say her "thank you" speech was an emotional one for us all.

Here is a HUGE congrats to my sweet friend! I love you so very very much and couldn't be more happy for your new chapter in life! Oh.....and I cannot wait to be an Auntie!!!


  1. The details are gorgeous. Where is the venue?

  2. Oh thank you! It was held at a military base in our town. :)


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