Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy tuesday!...

I just had to really quickly share with you guys something neat I just acquired! The other week, I was helping my parents clean out/renovate their kitchen (ok ok my husband was doing more of the "helping" I was doing what I guess you could call the "organizing" or "reorganizing"). I honestly tried to help in the hard, boy stuff...but in all honesty...it was hard and after banging on something that looked like a weird version of an offset spatula in between the floor and wall (WHY???) for what seemed like 3 days, but was more like 30 minutes I was done. SOOOoOo off I was to gutting all the cabinets out, throwing away old or unusable stuff and reorganizing their cabinets and cupboards (something I actually really enjoy doing).

Then I saw these beauties.

Hidden waaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of one cupboard were these two little glass canisters. I was beyond stoked! Sure...some might say "Uh...Why??" I get it, they're old, can't be used ever again, the lid is rusted tight and you'd probably get some version of the bubonic plague if you even tried to consume something so old...BUT how neat are they?!!? Really! I just love the old packaging! Glass jars with tin lids, that font, and the sticker price tag...I'm swooning even looking at the picture I just took! There's something very retro, unique and super neat about these two little old jars of "cake decs" and to be quite frank I think they've already made a pretty sweet home sitting in my kitchen right next to some other antique kitchen items.

Happy Tuesday Shoesday everyone! <-- Ok, seriously...who came up with that? I've seen it more times than I ever want to and now every time I say "Happy Tuesday!!" to a fellow friend I immediately think "SHOESDAY!" in my head afterwards. Bleg! I hate it. Stupid Shoesdays...


  1. You're right, Shoesdays do suck. Those fonts and the jar, on the other hand, are amawesome. Yes, that's amazing and awesome put together. Like if amazing and awesome happened to fall into Brendel's teleportation pod from the fly. Except with the fly.

  2. How stinking cool are those??? They may just be as cool as you.

    1. I found out from my mom later, that they were actually my grandmothers! So they're really really old. I love them though!


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