Saturday, September 3, 2011

custom Etsy order...

Happy Saturday everyone! Actually, Happy 3-day weekend to most, and a Happy Labor Day to all! ...Well almost Labor know what I mean.

I wanted to show you all a special custom Etsy order we just completed and shipped out! Just when I thought Hello Kitty couldn't possibly get any cuter, a creative customer proved me wrong (again)! Wanting to throw a special bridal shower later this month, this particular customer wanted our usual edible Hello Kitty decorations, only vamped up a bit. It was her idea to deck Miss Kitty out in a sweet pastel pink bow (instead of the usual red) AND place her on a super cute little pastel pink flower (shimmery of course...Miss Kitty wouldn't have it any other way I'm sure). I can't wait to see her pictures of these cuties resting atop some yummy cupcakes!

I was so happy with how they came out, that we've now included them up on our Etsy store for any of you to purchase yourself for your next shindig. Totally customizable (spellcheck is telling me this isn't a word...but I'm going to say I DON'T CARE)- you be the artist. Would you rather Hello Kitty wear red? Blue? Green? Should her flower be shimmery or not? It's totally up to you.

Check us out and get some! :D

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