Monday, September 26, 2011

a handmade birthday...

I have to brag about my husband for a little bit.

Basically he rocks my socks off. Figuratively and sometimes literally speaking.

Last week was my birthday. My 27th birthday to be perfectly exact. When asked "how it feels to be 27" (like it's any different than 26) I replied, "Well...I sort of feel like I am a woman now..." Maybe being 27 as compared to 26 really does feel different?! So I guess that means to me:

you(female) x 27 years lived = woman

I'm thinking my algebra is pretty exact on this. Let me know otherwise. :)

Back to my husband being the most awesome husband in the world...

So like I said, it was recently my birthday. When wondering what and where to get birthday presents he immediately turned to Etsy. YES!!! This folks, is just one small reason why he is amazing. Sure anyone can head over to the mall, but on Etsy you find some of the most original stuff! Handmade art could be one of the better things in life :)

So he searched through my "favorites" lists- shops and items I have been adoring since I joined the site and got me a few pieces :D  I thought I just had to share with you all! Thanks to all the shops for making some amazing things!

Awesome headbands by ManeMassage

Tiny rose earrings by FiveSisterz

Leaf necklace by morganprather

Pearl and gold bracelet by ayofemijewelry

Finally, a special friend gave me these wood earrings by LinzZuelich

I LOVE THEM ALL!!! It felt like Christmas! I kid not. So, again thank you to all the vendors on the awesome Etsy site AND thank you to my wonderful husband for making my birthday truly special!

*All images courtesy of the vendors' etsy sites.

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