Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I just love a sweet "thank you"...

If you follow regularly you know I just love love LOVE when previous customers send me follow up "thank you" emails with pictures of our cuties doing what they do best! I was so fortunate to have two seriously awesome women both email me last week with the cutest pictures of their tasty treats displaying our edible decorations. It's pretty fun to see our stuff being used in such cute ways. I guess when I ship them off...I never know what exactly will happen to them. There's a sort of attachment I get to all my decorations and when I ship them off, I hope for the best for them!

Then whenever I receive a photo with a "here they are!!" I get thrilled to pieces. Sometimes too thrilled....it's kind of sad. :) On that note...

Remember a week or so ago I posted about our edible buttons we were busy making? "Busy" is an understatement. I have never in my whole entire 27 years of living seen (or had to make) so many edible buttons! ...ok wait...I think I'm lying. In August I helped my friend make some favors for her baby shower...and those were candy buttons. We literally spent like 5 or so hours making those little bastards  cuties. But I guess since those were white chocolate and these are gum paste...there's a slight difference in what I am talking about. If not, then this whole paragraph is one big ball of lies and messes. And for that...I apologize.

Moving on!

So I made all these edible buttons for two awesome Etsy customers...and was so pleased to get emails back just last week both saying big "thank you"s (no...thank you!) and with pictures. So, of course...I have to show you all!

These guys got to be part of a "Cute as a Button" themed shower!

These cuties were used to make a little girl's birthday really special!
Thank you so much to these women, your desserts came out phenomenal! They look delicious and of course, SUPER SWEET!  I'm glad you all enjoyed them! 

If you are interested in getting on the edible button train, you can go here and get some yourself!

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