Friday, September 23, 2011

5 ingredient contest winner...

The pictures you are about to view are TERRIBLE in quality. I repeat, TERRIBLE. If you are prone to judging half descent pictures, laughing hysterically at the lameness, and/or sitting in pure disgust and disbelief that someone would even think to publish pictures of this quality...then please discontinue your viewing of this blog post! :)

Now that being said, HI!! I decided that there was really NO use to even trying to make these look good in Photoshop...Good (almost) afternoon to all who have decided to stick through it and enjoy our horrible pictures we last minute remembered to take! That's right...this near monumental moment in our lives was almost not captured on digital film..never to be seen or spoken of again. Sad times indeed!

A while back...hmmm maybe a month or two ago I randomly saw on Susie Cake's Facebook page about a tiny contest they were having. Being their 5th birthday, they decided to have a "5 Ingredient Dessert Recipe Challenge". All one had to do was look through their very own recipes and submit their best dessert which, of course, had to be 5 ingredients or less. "Sure! I think I've got a few..." I thought to myself.

As I browsed through my database of all my own recipes, I found two which I sat deciding which to send- a delicious fudge recipe and my favorite Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookie recipe. After much thought, I figured the shortbread was more "Susie's" that was the one I submitted. Then I forgot all about it.

Fast forward a few weeks, I again was doing some business on our Facebook page when out I read "Congrats to Christina M for her delicious Vanilla Bean Shortbread recipe!"...I was seriously in disbelief. To be honest...I am not one of those lucky people that win practically anything and everything they enter into. To be even more honest, I rarely enter contests at all! I don't know why I entered this one...and I surely am shocked I won.

You may remember a little post I did around Christmas time about my cookies...

Then we read, on September 17, 2011 they would be featuring my cookies all day at every Susie Cake's location...for anyone to purchase! How exciting is that?!? So, needless to say the whole family packed up and headed out to our nearest bakery to see what their version was like!

They were darn good!!! A little thinner than I usually make mine, but the flavor was right on!

The husband made me...

He's so handsome!
I hope you all had a chance to head out there and get some for yourself! I usually update and post about things like this via our Twitter and Facebook, so if you're not a follower, make sure you sign up!

Oh! And thanks to Susie...I will be getting my birthday cake for a little upcoming celebration, for FREE! Wooohooooo!!! :D

Happy Friday everyone!

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