Tuesday, October 18, 2011

custom order + edible wheel of fortune decorations...

Custom Ordered Edible Wheel of Fortune Inspired Decorations!
A half wheel version and sacks of money per customer's request.

We have been so blessed with the amount of Etsy orders lately! More and more our little shop is growing- and I LOVE IT!

Do you know what I love even more than doing these fun orders? Return Customers!!! That's seriously the best. Nothing says awesome times like having a return customer email you with a big "thank you" followed by a "so I was thinking for my next party..." This is exactly what happened with this particular order.

Having just used some of our edible decorations for her latest party, she was inspired to use us again for her next. She emailed me hoping we could make her vision come to life and explained that she was throwing a Wheel of Fortune themed party! After apologizing for being a huge nerd (to which I completely disagreed with- I LOVE that darn show!) she went on to say she wanted some fun decorations to add to some cupcakes she would be serving. She knew 100% that there needed to be a wheel, and decided she wanted to have it's half version like they display on the show when each contestant is spinning it. <---Totally neat. She also insisted there be both "Bankrupt" and "Lose A Turn" on the wheel because those were of course the most familiar with everyone. Gotcha!

Next she wanted a few "money bags" that she could spread around a few of the cupcakes. I love how they turned out and am considering adding them to our Etsy shop for you all to purchase... What Do You Guys Think?? Yes? No?? She also ordered some of the letter tiles Miss Vanna is in charge of, with the word "CONGRATS". I was SO excited to start this order! Then just as quickly as I was excited, immense fear crept over me as I realized this was going to be our biggest challenge yet.

My lovely and ever so talented artsy fartsy husband played around for a while with how exactly to make handmade stencils for the wheel while I got started on hand cutting each of the money bags, tiles, and letters that would be displayed. Once everything was cut out we started "gluing" and decorating. Each letter (which might I add was less than an inch high) had to be precisely adhered to the white tile. One wrong move and it was disaster city- black smudging on white tile is a big "no no". The money bags had to be hand painted, the wheel had to be pieced together and then VERY VERY CAREFULLY hand written and hand piped on. Take a look at those "Bankrupt" and "Lose A Turn" ones! My husband hand painted those on with the same font used! Those "flags" were about an inch and a half long too. No easy task!

When we were finished though...I was so impressed. It's easy to make decorations when you've done them a million times! (Ahem...can anyone say Hello Kitty inspired bows!?) It's a whole different ball game when you've never even thought of the idea until maybe a day before you've got to get working on it. Like I said- quite the challenge..and seriously very fun.

Thank you Miss Repeat Customer for trusting us to do this for you. I can't wait to hear how you like them and hope your awesome-non-nerd-party is a total blast!

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