Saturday, October 29, 2011

really quickly...

I just received two "thank you" notes from previous customers. Eeeep! Talk about making my morning!

So before I sign off to really get to work on some lovely blogs coming up this week, I wanted to share with you what they sent me!

The first lovely thank you came from a repeat customer (who has some pretty neat ideas). Remember a little while back when we posted about our edible Wheel of Fortune decorations we had made? Those were probably our biggest challenge yet! I was a tad nervous shipping them off- I was so afraid something would happen to all our hard work we did. Nothing happened! AND she loved them! Here's what she wrote and then following, is her picture she took and sent! (She apologized for the little blur her camera phone created, so I'll pass that apology on to you guys)

"They turned out exactly how I wanted and the wheel you created surpassed my expectations!!"

The next "thank you" we received was from a pretty creative girl who not only sent us some pictures she took, but put them together into a neat little photo collage! For her order we made some of our ever popular edible Hello Kitty Inspired Bows. Here's what she said and did with them!

"Just wanted to say thank you for the red bows. Here they are working their cuteness."

So cool! Thank you to both for your super kind words and your awesome pictures. It just warms my heart to see our cuties doing their thing at your...thing. :)

More orders ready to be shipped out!

Until next time...

Happy Saturday friends! And an almost Happy Halloween!

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