Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sisterly birthday...

Just a couple days ago it was my baby sister's birthday. Hmm..let me rephrase this...she's not exactly a baby anymore...actually quite the opposite- she just turned 22. GASP.


Do you know what that means? Basically it confirms my view on myself being a woman...because well, now we're both women...not little girls. That, my friends, is crazy. It seems like literally just a little while ago we were both sharing a room- and me hating every minute of it because that's just the type of loving sister/child I was. Funny/sort of embarrassing story (I don't know who this will be more embarrassing for- me or her...or my mom) but when we did share that lovely room it was always a mess. I mean ALWAYS A MESS. My mom would come in pretty much everyday disgusted with how unorganized things were. We're talking "drawers pulled out, toys everywhere, beds covered in whatever" messes. It seriously was a disaster area. Well, being the older sister it seemed like I always got more of the blame even though at a young age I had already become a little Martha Stewart and couldn't possibly ever make a mess in my young life. In my head at least. See, in my head things were always organized and clean with everything perfectly perpendicular to other neatly places things, beds always made with the most beautiful hospital corners you have ever seen, etc etc. I was at this 7. And I was a bit of a drama queen.

Long story short, I would get so mad at my mom because I swore this mess of a room was NOT my fault and promised her she'd see who the culprit really was if/when my sister and I got separate rooms.

Which we did.

My room= Pristine.

Her room= Mess central.

Mom= Point taken.

I honestly have no clue what this has to do with birthdays, my sister's birthday, or that picture of a cake you first saw when viewing upon this blog. And for that, I apologize.

So Happy Birthday Sister! <---Ridiculous. How do you go from a story like that to then wishing the person "Happy Birthday"??? Sigh...Let me try and redeem myself a tad...

It was indeed my sister's birthday and I knew one of her favorite things I make is my Coconut Cake. She loves it. Has even stated the fact that she doesn't really like coconut sweets (or sweets in general) yet really does love this cake. So, there really was no way I could show up without a Coconut Cake of her own to celebrate the very special occasion.

Moist and light cake- with the slightest hint of coconut, fluffy and silky smooth coconut buttercream frosting using sweet cream butter (YUM), and lightly toasted organic coconut flakes makes this thing really really ridiculously good looking. (...Zoolander anyone?)

She loved it.

So now, Happy Birthday to my little sister (who's not so little anymore)! Hoping this one is the best yet! Here's to 300 more together. I love you like a sister? :)

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