Friday, October 21, 2011

work work work...

Custom colored bows for Halloween!

Keroppi Inspired Edible Decorations

Toy Story Inspired "Andy's Room" Clouds and Buzz Lightyear Stars

My oh my have we been busy!!! Busy doesn't even begin to explain what's been going on over in the Main house. Etsy order after Etsy order came pouring in (to our happy joyful surprise) and we've spent the last 2 solid weeks cranking them out.

The most popular? Our Hello Kitty Inspired Bows! I kid not, as I was finishing up one order another one came in. It was so neat! And the colors you guys choose! SO FUN!! My favorite though, would have to be the black and orange ones we did for a girl who will be using them for her upcoming Halloween party! Please send us pictures!!! I'm dying to see them! <--Get it? Dying...nevermind.

I also wanted to show you all a new decoration we just listed this morning :) Even though Halloween isn't even here yet, people are already starting to ask us about Christmas! Eeep. I can't believe it's right around the corner. (Ok, maybe I can...I DID begin Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago!) So, without further adieu: our Edible Christmas Holly and Golden Stars

You can view these and purchase them, here!

These would look so cute on top of a Christmas cake or cupcakes! ...What? No such thing?..
Who says there's no such thing as Christmas Cupcakes!?!? Tell them to email me. I'd love to have a chat. ;)

Happy Friday all!

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