Monday, November 14, 2011

christmas decorations + our first contest...

Snowflake Decorations!

A few weeks back we had our first ever contest on our Facebook page :) On it, we asked all our Facebook friends to help us think of some new edible decorations to make. We wanted to see what You Guys were interested in and have some fun in doing so. It went on for a whole week, and we got some awesome suggestions. Actually, too was hard when it came down to picking a winner. I guess that's always the hard part though!

But the hard work had to be done, and my husband and I weighed the pros and cons of each awesome and super fun suggestion. We finally decided the winner to be Miss Tiffany C with her suggestion of "Christmas Ornaments". Not only could that be a million and one different things (allowing for creativity on our side), but it's pretty perfect timing. Everyone's getting their Christmas things up in the Etsy world...which as you where we make our ca$h money. Haha. I always loved that phrase, "Ca$h Money"...and yes it has to be spelled with a dollar sign.

Little Gingerbread Men!

Snowmen with scarves!

SOOOooOOooOOoo we not so quickly got to work: my husband sketching and creating our original stencils while I got to work figuring out how exactly we'd execute each little cutie-to-be. We decided to do Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, and Snowflakes because...well...that's what I thought seemed the coolest to make! To be honest, I really wanted to do the snowflake (I have always had a thing for snowflakes) so that one was a no brainer :) The Snowman needed to be all warm and snuggly with a scarf and the Gingerbread Man had to really show off his charm with a little bowtie. Why not, right?? And of course everything is hand cut, hand colored, and hand piped!

I'm IN LOVE with these guys. Like...IN LOVE. LOVE! Do you get my drift? And yes, they are totally up on Etsy for any of you to purchase! I think they'd be SO darn cute on some cupcakes..maybe chocolate with a peppermint buttercream frosting...or even spaced around a favorite holiday cake. Again, why not?

All together now :)

And as promised, our winner gets a dozen of these cuties shipped to their door to do whatever she would like! I'm hoping she bakes something sweet :) And gets a little shout out on this here bloggie: HI TIFFANY C! Haha. Thank you so very very much for enjoying and participating in our contest! I hope you enjoy our cuties as much as we enjoyed making them!

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