Saturday, November 5, 2011

jam, flowers + Twilight?!!?...

Mixed Berry Merlot Jam displaying our new jam labels!

Custom ordered edible flowers

I love mornings like these...there's (finally) nothing to really do, so I get to stay in bed with my two kitties sleeping next to me, and just blog my little heart out. I needed to blog- I was so behind last week. Things were so hectic! Another reason why I'm thankful for this slower morning.

Have you guys heard any songs from the new Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack?? I'm listening to it for free online and have to say, I kind of like it!! Especially the revised wedding version of Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine (which might I add was my favorite song on the very first soundtrack for Twilight). I think it's safe to say this soundtrack will also be bought and added to my collection.

...I guess I should also talk now about the giant elephant that just entered the room...

I, Christina Main, am utterly obsessed with... gaga in love with ...appropriately liking for a woman my age the whole Twilight thing. It was actually kind of an accident how I became so...appropriately in like of this thing. I had some youth kids who I was mentoring (back in '07) talk non-stop about this "Bella" and "Edward" character (who was "the hottest vampire ever"). Then there was this "Jacob" guy who was a "wolf but a cute wolf" and how this love triangle between all three started up, blah blah. I mean, this was NON stop. So, I asked hubbie if we could rent said movie just so I could see what the heck they were talking about. Kind of liked the movie...but now I could participate (sort of) in their convos (making me SUPER cool). Then all I heard was "but you HAVE to read the books! They're so much better!!!" I did. And...jeez...they were good. Really really good. And that, my friends is how I became a fan of le Twilight. And yes...we already have our Breaking Dawn 1 tickets bought and yes I am counting down the days.

You know what I think of when I think Twilight? The post office! <---Not really...but how the heck do you go from that to being serious about orders and stuff? I was at the post office yesterday- I feel like it's getting more and more busy there! I guess it's getting closer to the holiday season :) so that's pretty neat.

Here's a few things I shipped off this morning. First were two jars of our Mixed Berry Merlot Jam which you can purchase at our Etsy shop displaying our new jam labels! Thank you to my wonderful husband who created these for me. I love this jam! It's very Christmas-ie to me. Every time I make some my husband comes home from work loving the way the house smells. It seriously does make the whole place smell like warmth and berries and yumminess.

I also finished up and shipped off a custom order for some edible flowers in the colors fuchsia and black. I really hope to see pictures of these- I'd love to see what neat thing was done with them.

Phew! Lot's of fun stuff going on, huh? What about you guys? How are you all doing??

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