Monday, November 7, 2011

sew cute...

Let me start off by saying, I really AM sorry for the title of this post. I seriously couldn't help it. And to be completely honest, I really tried to stay away from the cheesy, cliche', over used title...but as I was saying a million other titles in my brain all that was actually being said was "Sew Cute" just went with it.

What do you think of these?

Spools of "thread"

We received a custom order request on Etsy a few weeks back. A super excited mom was planning a Lalaloopsy doll party for her daughter's upcoming birthday. Don't know what a Lalaloopsy doll is? Neither did I. :( A friend of mine (who is a mommy) had to explain and show me exactly what they were- and after viewing for a second the whole order made TOTAL sense. Apparently they are "Sew Magical and Sew Cute" least that's what their website says!

Pin cushion
She had found our edible buttons and loved them, but wanted to add a few touches of her own as well. <---YES!!! Love that. Because the dolls have a sort of a rag doll-esque look to them, she really wanted to play up the sewing theme. She knew she wanted some spools of thread and a pin cushion to join the buttons in her order, so we worked together and came up with what you see! Her colors for the party were Hot Pink and Orange with hints of Turquoise which is displayed within the buttons and corresponding spools of "thread".

I'm loving this order! I will admit too...they are totally sew cute ;)

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