Wednesday, November 23, 2011

taking a break...

Hey everyone! Thanksgiving is ALMOST here!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I just wanted to let you all know I'll be taking a little break from blogging for the turkey day holiday coming up :) It's just too much to try and get stuff up and on here while running around like a mad woman these next few days. Not to mention I have what seems like a quazillion pies I need to make in the next 24 hours. Le sigh.

I'll be back next week though- with some fun blogs :) I want to share with you all about our 3rd year anniversary trip!

How do you like that wreath?! My husband and I MacGyver'd it together a few nights ago using no glue, wire, or forms what-so-ever! Pretty proud of ourselves! I had been on a walk last week and came across the neatest trees with curled up wood pieces coming out of it...which is what inspired my crazy thought to make a wreath in the first place. I gathered a bunch of the wood pieces and then saw a HUGE wild rosemary bush! So I ran over to that and plucked a bunch of sprigs off of it! I must have looked like a crazy crazy woman. I was heading back I saw another bush with these (probably poisonous) red berry things, so I grabbed some of those too. Waited about 5 days to buy a form from our craft store before I said to my husband one night, "I don't want to wait anymore...let's just make it."

He DID NOT want to do that, haha...can you blame him? We had not one "wreath making" supply to our names. NO glue gun, no wire...nothing. But I got him to try it with me with the agreement that "if it didn't work" I wouldn't get upset. Pft...I knew it would work.

So we squished up a bunch of newspaper and brown craft paper into what we thought was a pretty reasonable circular form, then taped that sucker into submission with a lot of duct tape. HA! Next we used some organic twine to wrap those awesome wood pieces around the whole thing, covering up all tape. This was the hardest part...because you know...wood doesn't like to bend. Best part- I didn't clean any of nature's lovelies before using, so half way through securing the wood to the wreath- what looked like a VERY poisonous and threatening spider crawled out from his wooden home and showed himself to us...right next to my hand which was indeed holding the wreath up. I am certain at one point he touched my hand. Certain. My husband saved the day though..RIP unwelcomed spider.

Finally we finished up with sticking some rosemary throughout and making a few bows out of scraps of ribbon I had laying around.

I HAVE TO SAY...for absolutely FREE...I am so happy with this wreath! I wish I still had the Pinterest picture of the wreath I got this inspiration from in the first place...ours...looks NOTHING like it, haha. I almost want to have my husband create a picture that has theirs and ours side by side with the words "What I wanted to do" and "what we actually did"...I think it'd be funny.

Wow...I'm looking at the length in which I took to tell this story...Jeez. Sorry about that. I guess I am pretty proud of our little wreath-that-almost-wasn't. This little wreath was made with sweat, (spider) blood...and lots of love (no tears).

Happy Thanksgiving to You All! Have a yummy and sweet day!

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