Friday, November 18, 2011

working hard...

Well hello there! How are you?

Things here have been busy (as usual) but it IS and always HAS BEEN a "good busy" so I really can't complain. Life has sort of mellowed out a bit, in the midst of it's craziness. What I mean is, although we're busier than we ever have been- I guess I've sort of grown accustomed to it and can really work with it and along side it. Like before...I would become completely consumed with the amount of work we were getting- my social and our married life sort of just stopped. Ok...that sounds bad- our married life didn't stop..but the dates sure did! We were...honestly...overwhelmed.

Now though...we can both just kind of go along with whatever comes. And it's really nice. The dates started up again (and have actually become a regular part of our life!), my social life has picked up a tad, and we're doing really good. Yay!

Some recent projects we have been working on have been a real joy to do. As you know already, we had a contest on our Facebook page a while back which lead to us having to sit down and brainstorm some neat ways to execute a reader's suggestion for "Christmas Ornaments". After much deliberation we came up with and created our edible Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, and Snowflakes. Those of course can be purchased on our Etsy page as well. :)

We also had some other Etsy orders to work on, like a few dozen of our edible mustaches. I just can't express enough how fun it is to do all our edible cuties...I'm just in edible-decoration-sugary-yum-yum-heaven right now. Oh! Speaking of our Mustaches...I woke up the other morning with an email saying they had been featured on someone's little lovely blog :) That's always a neat surprise.

I wanted to also show you guys a new listing we just added to Etsy. A while back (jeez by now that was probably close to a month ago!) we received a custom order from a repeat customer (woohoo!). She was planning her youngest child's first birthday and wanted to do a rocket ship themed cake (and cupcakes). Long story short- she chose us to be the ones to go about making that wish come true- and we couldn't be happier! So, here are the rocket portions of the order! We loved them so much that we added them up on Etsy for all to have themselves :D

Edible Rockets

These can now be purchased here!
Lastly, I wanted to really quickly show you a picture I was emailed the other morning! Remember our Lalaloopsy sewing themed decorations we did a while back? Well the mommy who ordered them was so sweet and emailed me some pictures of our cuties on her (very very awesome) cake! She did the cake herself! Can you believe it?? I love it! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend!

Alright friends, I better get going...I have a lot of cooking/baking planning to do! Not only with Thanksgiving coming up (WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!) but also with the awesome and so very exciting Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! <---SO STOKED! Which reminds me, we have a little poll going right now on our Facebook page about what the best cookie is. I have some ideas about what I'm going to make for this cookie swap...but wanted to see if you guys agreed (and see what your favorite cookie is!) Reason being, after this swap, we bloggers are to post a recipe blog up on our sites with how to make our cookie of choice. Exciting right??

Take care!

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