Friday, December 9, 2011

25 random things about me...

The other day I was reading through the (now) gigantic list of blogs I just adore, when I came across this one in particular. I LOVED IT!

I have to agree with Miss Rosie, I too was in love with reading all those silly lists my friends would post on Facebook- there was something silly yet endearing about reading weird and unknown facts about your friends.

So while I sit here waiting for my husband to come home, I thought I'd share a few little fun (and maybe not so fun?) facts about yours truly...

  1. I've never broken a bone in my body. Ever. I have though, come pretty close...
  2. I have two tattoos and I love them both. One of them goes along side my husband's and ties us together even more.
  3. I have a serious addiction to sugar (surprise surprise) and often can't go one day without some sort of sugary yum yum...even though there are days I really try to...
  4. When I was 16 I got a little baby pug dog that I named Billy. He was my best friend and my comfort. When my husband and I got married, he was our ring bearer. He, sadly, passed away in '09 and will NEVER be forgotten.
  5. love...with Twilight (BUT I will say the books are what make those movies watchable).
  6. After graduating culinary school, I worked in various kitchens with the job titles of: Pastry Cook, Pantry Cook, Fry Cook, Saute' Cook, Lead Line Cook, and Pastry Chef.
  7. I would probably never work in a kitchen again.
  8. Before I went to culinary school, I was in college studying to be a teacher.
  9. I will always use the proper "their", "there", and "they're", "you're" and "your", and "to", "too", and "two".
  10. My husband and I met in 2000, started dating in 2001, got engaged in 2007 and were married in 2008. 
  11. In high school my senior year I won "Best Eyes"...I still laugh when I think of that. I was incredibly unpopular AND embarrassed that I won.
  12. I am a Christian and would not be sitting here if it were not for Christ's love, forgiveness and utter compassion for me. 
  13. One of my favorite things to eat is grocery store made white sheet cake with that horribly unreal white "frosting" on top. Good thing they sell it by the slice in those refrigerated little things...
  14. My husband and I live without cable television (GASP!!) but make up for it with plenty of Netflix and Hulu. 
  15. I am deathly afraid of dentists...which reminds me it's time to go again....ugh.
  16. Whenever people tell me I have a great smile/teeth I tell them, "Thanks! It only cost my parents $1,000."
  17. My first car was an '87 Mazda RX-7. It had a manual transmission. It was fast. 
  18. My dad asked me many times why the back tires always wore out before the front ones...I told him I didn't know. The truth is I liked to drive fast and spin around corners...
  19. When I was in elementary school, I fell out of a moving car. All I acquired were a few cuts and bruises.
  20. I am terribly afraid of the dark.
  21. If we were millionaires I would eat sushi everyday....with LOTS of ginger.
  22. Also if we were millionaires, I would shop exclusively at Anthropologie.
  23. To me, nothing ruins a meal more than being under seasoned. Salt rocks! <--Pun intended.
  24. I can't quote very many movies...but there is one I can almost quote start to finish: Labyrinth with David Bowie. 
  25. My first concert ever was with my parents to see Fleetwood Mac...I now love Fleetwood Mac.

xoxo friends.

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