Wednesday, December 7, 2011

our 3rd year anniversary...

Ok ok, this blog was supposed to go up weeks ago! I'M SO SORRY! I feel like so much stuff just kept jumping in front of this you know...Thanksgiving!! I felt like I JUST COULD NOT ever get to it! But alas, here we are!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, we took a trip to one of our favorite spots, Oak Glen for our latest anniversary. Our 3rd year anniversary to be exact! Yikes! 3 years! Where the heck did that come from!?!? We love Oak Glen and have made it a tradition to go every single year during the apple season, which is September through November. We have never stayed overnight because it's such a short drive from our home in Los Angeles...but this year we decided to give it a try and make this trip really special. 

We LOVE bed and breakfasts, and were so freaking happy to find out that a brand new one popped up in the middle of all the Oak Glen apple-y goodness, a year or two ago! Serendipity Ranch Bed and Breakfast, run by Bill and Nina is just the most perfect place to "get away" to. They bought the house (more like mansion!) as their private living space but after years of hearing people ask "Hey are there any B & B's up here?" (there weren't!) they decided to make their home into one! 

When we arrived, they welcomed us as if we were family. It was freezing outside, but indoors was a raging fire among their country-chic cozy living room. There was even a little sign that read "Welcome William and Christina"! Neat huh? We were encouraged to drink coffee, tea, or hot apple cider (or all three!) and just relax. Which is what we did. We barely left the place! ...Seriously I think we only walked around the apple farms on our way back home...Anyway, it's on a huge huge piece of land that included a pretty big pond and animals to pet (including mini horses, which reminded us of Parks and Recreation's Lil Sebastian). In the afternoon of our first day Nina even made us homemade warm gooey chocolate chip cookies served with glasses of whole milk. My husband had about 10 of the dozen cookies.... 

Anyways, let's try something fun. 

When I was editing the last of these pictures, this song came on my iTunes and it made viewing (and editing) them so much more fun! So I imagined all of you hearing this song as well, while you were viewing them. :) If you hate the song, I APOLOGIZE...but I hope you don't!

So, go ahead and start this song, and view our lovely 3rd year anniversary!

Pit Stoppin'

Here's that little sign I was telling you about!

Our bedroom included a little fire place.

We had no idea when we booked our room, but it was dec'd out in bird and love decorations. Perfect for us, right??

By their pond.

View from front of B&B.

Gorgeous right?

I personally found this hilarious. A tiny little bridge..which when my husband stood on, was even tinier.

November 8, 2011 

Thought this was SO cool! Magazines in our room that are the month and year that we got married. November 2008.

My husband doing what he does best :)
Here is the picture he made. View more of his cool art here!

The next morning- it was 30*F AT 8AM!

These little guys joined us for breakfast.

He's so handsome!


The apple crisp that inspired THIS BLOG!

I just love these Fall colors! *Swoon*

Yes he does.

Mouth stuffed full of apple cider donuts. Here's something funny- this picture inspired this blog and this blog :)

Our favorite apple farm.

Arkansas Black- the apples I chose to use in my apple pie.

Getting washed up!

Ahhh Oak Glen. You bring us true happiness! Oh, and if you ever do head up there AND stay at Serendipity Ranch B&B, tell Nina and Bill we say hello!

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