Thursday, January 5, 2012

cutie makeovers...

I just wanted to share with you all very very quickly (I swear it'll be quick) about a few little cuties that have been made and are new to our Etsy shop!

First up are some PINK (YAAAAAAAAAY!!!) edible butterflies :) I do love pink. You might remember that we have them up in white (which would look super classy on a wedding cake...or some wedding/bridal shower/baby shower cupcakes...*hint*hint*), but we recently gave them a little make-over in a light pink hue. You can view these pink cuties here!

Secondly, we did another little make-over to our edible rockets. We received an order for a mini version- which we thought was super fun! The mama wanted them for her child's 4th birthday, but instead of serving regular sized cupcakes, she was going to serve a bunch of minis ;) So, we miniaturized them for her and loved them! You can view our mini rockets here!

Lastly, you know those cute little bows everyone loves? Well, a super fun mom ordered a few dozen of them in the colors "hot pink and kiwi green". I wasn't too familiar with the term "kiwi green" but certainly knew what a kiwi looked we made the bows somewhat resemble that color! Also in that order was our large Hello Kitty face with a nice huge and lovely hot pink bow ;)

Ok! That's it! I promise.

Christina, out!

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